Maximize Cost Savings and Tap into a 24-Hour Workforce

Maximize Cost Savings and Tap into a 24-Hour Workforce With an Off-shore outsourcing Company

Want to maximize cost reductions, receive overnight processing of documents, or have 24-hour service? A off-shore outsourcing provider may be a great fit for your needs.

What is Off-shore Outsourcing?

Also referred to as off-shore outsourcing or off-shore BPO, off-shore outsourcing services refers to having some of your business processes handled by a third-party in an overseas destination, such as India, the Philippines, and China. This is in contrast to near-shoring, which involves outsourcing to locations such as Mexico and Canada, as well as on-shoring, which keeps operations in America, either at your own facility or somewhere else in the country.

DATAMARK has existing off-shore facilities in Mumbai and Chennai, India as well as the ability to ramp up operations in other off-shore destinations to meet your business requirements.

Datamark location in Mumbai, India

DATAMARK off-shore outsourcing facility in Mumbai, India (top)
DATAMARK off-shore outsourcing facility in Chennai, India (bottom)

Datamark location in Chennai, India

Benefits of using a Off-shore Outsourcing Company

  • Lower labor costs (compared to on-shore and near-shore)
  • Lower facility costs (compared to on-shore and near-shore)
  • Highly educated English-speaking workforce
  • Fast, secure data transmission over redundant T-1 lines
  • Overnight processing so your data and documents are ready for business the next morning in the U.S.

Types of Off-shore Outsourcing Services

Although there are many types of services that can be outsourced, it’s typically data and document-related processes that do best when moved offshore.

Your organization may choose to outsource all these processes and more to an offshore facility or DATAMARK can develop a hybrid strategy that ensures each process is handled using the best method for you.

What Makes DATAMARK Off-shore Outsourcing Solutions Different

Offshore outsourcing can be challenging if the right systems aren’t in place from the start. Issues like language and cultural barriers sometimes diminish service and reliability or may make managing a off-shore facility difficult. However, with three decades of outsourcing experience and successful facilities already up and running, DATAMARK already has the processing capabilities and expertise in place to ensure your organization will have a great experience too. Our off-shore clients benefit from on-shore (American) managers who serve as the main point of contact, as well as regular reporting and real-time reporting. This “off-shore service with an on-shore peace of mind” strategy eliminates communication problems due to languages, time zones, or cultural differences.

Find the Outsourcing Solution That’s Right for You

Even though DATAMARK is actively producing results for the companies we provide with off-shore business process outsourcing services, we know that it isn’t the right solution for everyone. Sometimes organizations prefer the enhanced oversight of on-shore outsourcing or desire the bilingual workforce that near-shoring easily affords. Whether your organization is interested in exploring off-shore outsourcing specifically or you’d like to learn more about what a hybrid, near-shore, or on-shore model would look like for your business, contact us for a consultation.

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