Free up facility space for income-producing, core business functions with near-site business process outsourcing.

A near-site outsourcing model delivers similar benefits to an on-site, or facility-managed, model. It is easy to maintain visibility over the process, as well as retain valuable and experienced staff, who can be rebadged as DATAMARK employees. Locating a business process near your facilities delivers all these benefits, plus another: it means you can free up valuable space at your facility for business expansion.

DATAMARK's Business Engineering and Project Management teams will assess your needs and work with you to develop the best solution. A near-site outsourcing arrangement is ideal when you want to keep your business process conveniently located while you re-allocate space for income-producing, core business functions.

Other on-shore outsourcing models include locating your process within the United States, but at communities that have a lower cost of living. This type of model is sometimes referred to as rural-sourcing, rural-shoring or in-sourcing.

Benefits of Near-site Outsourcing Solutions

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reclaimed facility space
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Increased security
  • Greater control

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