Finance and Accounting functions are complex and have high documentation requirements. Inefficient accounts payable/accounts receivable processes result in drawn-out payment cycles, paperwork bottlenecks, errors and complaints.

A process transformation begins with DATAMARK's digital mailroom services, which takes inbound financial documents—received as hard copy, by email or through the web—and incorporates them into a digital workflow with a proven enterprise content management(ECM) platform.

Financial documents are immediately scanned and imaged for automated data capture with our ECM platform, or entered manually by operators at DATAMARK's global delivery centers. If you’ve been looking for dependable financial outsourcing solutions, we have the tools and platforms you can trust. These services can significantly boost your bottom line and do away with burdensome waste.

Our ECM platform recognizes all invoice types as well as multiple languages and currencies.  Data can be exported to any major ERP platform, and imaged forms routed to the right departments for processing and payment. DATAMARK’s outsource financial services provide you with a broad range of quality options, which we have listed in the space below.

Accounts Payable Services:

  • Purchase order management       
  • Invoice receipt and imaging
  • Invoice 3-way match reconciliation      
  • Exception handling        
  • Employee travel and expense processing

Accounts Receivable Services:

  • Order management and invoicing
  • Remittance processing        
  • Cash application and posting        
  • Customer collection management        
  • Refunds and settlements

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