Secure facilities and networks for document storage and retrieval

Many successful companies do not have the space or the resources to store and retrieve their essential documents and information in-house. These businesses often utilize secure facilities and networks that specialize in document processing, storage, and retrieval. DATAMARK® makes it easy for companies to find the documents they need easily, so they can conduct business effortlessly.

Hard-Copy Documents

As part of an enterprise content management (ECM) solution, DATAMARK provides secure storage facilities for hard-copy documents to meet your company’s business and compliance requirements. DATAMARK can implement tracking systems for file boxes and documents using barcode recognition.

When the document storage period has expired as per your business requirements, papers are shredded in secure facilities, and the resulting waste can be disposed of at recycling plants. This ensures a total security lockdown for your sensitive documents and data—something that isn’t easily implemented with an in-house team.

Imaged Documents – Online Retrieval

DATAMARK can also implement storage and retrieval solutions for scanned and imaged documents and any other electronic documents. Document metadata is indexed for search purposes and can be retrieved from a secure online archive using any web-enabled device. The web interface for retrieval of documents and data features several layers of security to ensure confidentiality of sensitive information.

The best part is that your company will not need to invest in the equipment and training necessary to begin these services. All of it is handled out-of-house and out-of-mind.

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