As the population grows, insurance needs are increasing in demand. Increased use of services has led to a significant increase in policy and claim forms coming into insurance companies via mail. This is true for the car, health, life, house, and disability insurance sectors.

The longer it takes a company to sort and process, the longer it takes for a customer’s policy to be updated or for a claim to be paid. For this reason and many more, it is critical for insurance companies and enterprise businesses to have systems in place that allow them to process incoming paperwork quickly and effectively.

DATAMARK specializes in creating Digital Mailroom processing systems with uniquely designed features that specifically benefit America’s insurance companies. Our defined and agile processes offer transformative solutions that ensure compliance with privacy laws while minimizing the amount of time it takes for critical documents to reach the correct department.

The end result? Faster processing times, fewer wasted minutes searching for missing documents, and faster business process completion. And, perhaps most importantly, a higher level of customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of Outsourcing an Insurance Digital Mailroom

Mailroom processes are burdensome for the average business, with many feeling as though their only options are to hire more staff. Insurance companies receive large volumes of mail from customers, agents, brokers, lawyers, and related industry professionals on a daily basis. The legal nature of these structured and unstructured data sources means they must be handled in very specific ways. Dedicating staff to sorting the mail focuses man-power on back-office functions and takes away from critical, revenue-generating activities.

DATAMARK’s off-site Digital Mailroom services for insurance companies guarantee quality and efficient processing of both incoming and outgoing mail. Utilizing an off-site Digital Mailroom frees up space within your office facilities, clearing more room for critical functions and additional staff. Operating costs will ultimately decrease as your percentage of office-staff dedicated to revenue-generating activities will increase productivity.

Our skilled and highly-trained off-site staff are dedicated to your mail processing functions, decreasing any risk of security breaches, limiting processing errors that lead to misdirected paperwork, and decreasing the time it takes between delivery and distribution to proper departments or staff members.

A Multifaceted Approach to Insurance Industry Mail Collection

We use a combination of Lean Six Sigma strategies, manual key entry, and automated systems to ensure the most efficient processes, from the capture of information to its preservation and the ultimate destruction of the original paper source. Our time and cost-saving methods result in quality improvement in each of the individual processes involved in both inbound and outbound mailing.

The digital mailroom outsourcing solutions provided by DATAMARK result in greater accuracy than a traditionally manual process, speeding up your organization’s workflow so that you can better serve your clients. The long-term benefits of outsourcing mailroom processes are vast.

Multiple Customizable Options for Meeting Operational Needs

DATAMARK offers a series of outsourcing options for enterprise businesses and insurance companies to meet the operational needs of our insurance company partners. We work with you to scale and customize these solutions to meet your needs.

Onshore Outsourcing – Onshore outsourcing keeps all the operations within the same country or geographic region. While the cost of onshore outsourcing is higher than other options, it is still more cost-effective than in-house back-office labor. The labor pool is highly skilled and managers will have less difficulty with language barriers than they might have with offshore outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing – Offshore outsourcing takes your Digital Mailroom to a foreign country. You will have access to highly skilled labor. If you were to do this yourself you would need to better understand language and cultural differences in order to ensure operations are running smoothly. DATAMARK coordinates all communications to ensure smooth transitions and quality workflow. This is generally your least expensive option.

Nearshore Outsourcing – Nearshore outsourcing is one of DATAMARK’s most effective options. Our nearshore processing plants are right over the border in Mexico, making transport via regular mail and transportation routes fast and easy. Your documents remain secure and communication and processing are streamlined efficiently and with ease due to similar cultural and language skills. Nearshore outsourcing of an insurance Digital Mailroom guarantees some cost savings while allowing the facilities to be more readily accessible for site visits to ensure the continuance of proper protocols and processes.

From Consultancy to Solutions and Growth

As a savvy business owner, you may recognize the importance of improving your mailroom processes but aren’t sure if outsourcing is the right solution at this point in time. Perhaps you’re open to outsourcing an insurance Digital Mailroom but aren’t sure which options are most appropriate for your workflow. Maybe you have ideas you find more cost-effective but you aren’t sure how to implement them efficiently.

DATAMARK is capable of partnering with insurance companies and other enterprise businesses in a consulting capacity to review your current workflow and suggest a series of solutions. These recommendations, should you choose to take them, will allow you to make the changes necessary to comfortably evolve your company’s processes over a period of time.

Flexible Digital Mailroom Solutions that “Better Fit the Mold”

Insurance companies and enterprise companies that prefer their mailrooms to remain accessible to employees should consider DATAMARK’s Onsite Outsourcing for Digital Mailroom Management. On-site mailrooms offer visibility and access that better fit the mold in some corporate cultures. Highly-trained DATAMARK employees can continue to run your mail handling and document processing needs right within your business, making the necessary changes to improve efficiency. This is especially useful if you already have a great deal of the necessary technology and security systems in place.

Retain Your Connection to High-Value In-House Mailroom Staff

DATAMARK also acknowledges the incredible talent many insurance companies have on staff, and your desire to retain your connection with them. Often, we can ease the transition from in-house solutions with employed experts to full outsourcing by offering your current experienced mailroom staff employment opportunities under the DATAMARK badge. This includes opportunities to keep your most valued employees involved with your business.

Serving the Insurance Industry and These Other American Market Sectors

DATAMARK offers Digital Mailroom management services to Fortune 500 companies and large enterprises from a wide variety of industries. This includes unique processing, workflow, control, and overhead cost restrictions or needs.

Our US, Mexico, and India facilities employ almost 2,500 talented individuals. These experts are capable of processing mail and other forms of data within industries like:

In addition to Digital Mailroom services, we also provide services for call centers, business reengineering, data capture, document scanning, and imaging, finance and accounting, document storage, and freight processing services. No matter what your vision for your enterprise, we have the technology, skill, methodologies, and manpower to take your business to the next level.

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