DATAMARK's flexible and diverse range of services is designed to meet entities where they are, no matter how much or how little control they wish to retain. We provide advice, help create savvy in-house solutions, and take responsibility for Insurance Digital Mailroom processes as our clients see fit. Powerfully scalable and agile service options let us work for you entirely off-site, or we can have a suite of experts move into your location and handle Onsite Management of a Digital Mailroom.

On-site, facility managed mail centers are especially helpful for enterprises who need to retain a significant amount of control over the flow of documents or information. This includes industries like insurance and healthcare, where tight regulations restrict who can access data and when. When DATAMARK works on-site, we work with you and for you at the same time – you set the guidelines and structure to fit your needs best.

Partnering with DATAMARK for facility managed mail center services improves visibility, broadens access without risking security, and achieves maximum oversight to ensure that mail processing adheres to all regulations and compliance demands. We believe it is the smartest choice for enterprises across all American industries.

How Digital Mailroom and On-Site Mail Centers Help Insurance Enterprises

Onsite Experts Develop and Manage All Mailroom Needs

DATAMARK's consultants have over 28 years of experience working within the insurance industry. Many of our experts have watched the industry evolve from pure paper copies and records to fully digitalize solutions but still respect the need for increased security and compliance.

Collection and Capture

DATAMARK pulls all of your incoming mail, regardless of which channel it comes from, and automatically scans, images, and processes it into the Insurance Digital Mailroom system. Collectible channels include, but are not limited to, email, voicemail, regular hard copy mail, online web form correspondence, structured and unstructured forms, faxes, files, and scans.


Through automation, DATAMARK’s systems identify the content within your mail and classify it to ensure it reaches the right place. Items are then prioritized in order of importance and process flow to ensure maximum efficiency. Finally, dynamic document processing ensures mail is routed forward into the system accurately.


DATAMARK can also extract information from your documents on an ad-hoc basis. Collect and record information such as names, addresses, document type, prices, contract agreements, customer client numbers, employee numbers, and signatures automatically in seconds.


Smart automation systems are used that are backed by high-quality AI process extracted information from mail and validate it to ensure accuracy and precision. Examples of this verifiable information includes client ID numbers, claim information, invoices, addresses, and anything else extractable from data.

Mail Routing

After collecting, capturing, classifying, and sorting your incoming mail, DATAMARK’s systems and experts get to work ensuring it reaches the right employees. Channel mail internally, externally, or even to third-party contact centers as you see fit. Access can be specified to specific groups or just individuals to maintain security and lower risks.


Incoming mail usually requires a response as well as interdepartmental communication. DATAMARK’s onsite experts will create an internal/external system that lets employees respond directly from their desks or even from mobile devices. Options for automated responses, such as links to support information as well as alerts, make staying on top of invoices, claims, patient records, and customer service easier than ever.

Keep Your Valued Employees; Gain New Expertise

On-site outsourcing for the management of Insurance Digital Mailrooms is flexible enough to suit the needs of any type of business in the industry. Regardless of how much control your enterprise requires, or how many of your own employees and experts you wish to retain, DATAMARK will work with you to find the perfect balance.

When you select on-site outsourcing with DATAMARK, our experts fully customize, manage, and staff your digital mailroom from right within your location. Although this is still a form of outsourcing, you retain much more control over your digital mailroom because we work with you side-by-side. This is especially beneficial in industries like healthcare, finance, banking, and securities, where state and federal laws regulate document control and accessibility.

On-site outsourcing also has significant benefits for company culture. Instead of making your employees feel as though you're removing opportunities or resources by outsourcing tasks off-site, DATAMARK "moves in" and becomes a vital and omnipresent resource. It is easier for employees to get help, retrieve their digital mail, and send mail, making it easier and more efficient to complete their own daily tasks without contacting an outside entity.

Customized Digital Mailroom Systems Onsite For These Important Industries

America’s enterprises span a diverse range of sectors and industries. DATAMARK accommodates industry and sector differences by customizing and defining each Digital Mailroom or Mail Center to meet the needs of the business as they apply to that specific industry. Our on-site experts have the experience and capability to work with companies in these spaces, and many more:

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Financial & Banking
  • Call Center
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Government

Have an enterprise not falling into these categories? We encourage you to reach out to us directly for a one-on-one discussion of your needs. DATAMARK has provided Digital Mailroom and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services for some of the nation’s most regulated and high-security industries, including major banks, hospitals, and insurance companies with robust legal departments. Your security and best interests are paramount.

Ease Bottlenecks and Boost Efficiency With Onsite Management of Your Insurance Digital Mailroom

Still relying on paper copies to manage your day-to-day operations? Although hard copies are sometimes required for legal reasons or non-standard document formats, much of the work you currently do can be automated and digitized for easier collection and dispersal.

Contact DATAMARK to learn how we can reinvigorate, streamline, and improve your insurance enterprise today with our onsite management of insurance digital mailrooms.

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