The Benefits of Consulting & Mailroom Solutions.

We believe that Insurance Digital Mailroom automation can help to relieve common bottlenecks in these business processes, including lost documents, long manual processing timeframes, high overhead costs, issues with document access, and breaches or loss of data. But building Digital Mailroom systems in-house, without expert help, can be frustrating, time-consuming, risky, and extremely expensive.

When you work with DATAMARK’s consultants, we lend you our expertise and show you how to build your digital mailroom to meet your needs without exceeding budgets or overspending. You have dedicated access to consultants who specialize in working within the insurance industry to give advice, analyze your needs, and suggest Six Sigma or Leading Line strategies for streamlining and cutting back on wasted time. You retain full control over the decision-making and creation process unless you ask for additional assistance.

This process ensures that everyone – from telephone representatives to lawyers and C-suite executives – has the right level of access to the right documents faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The Benefits of Consulting & Mailroom Solutions

Make Document Collection More Efficient

The insurance industry relies on documents for day-to-day operations. Only a portion of these documents come from digital sources, like email. The rest are sent in manually or are collected via structured and unstructured forms using data entry, printing, faxing, filing, and manual scanning by front-line employees and managers.

Digital Mailrooms remove much of this demand on working hours and human resources by collecting mail from all sources as it comes in. This includes correspondence, claims, contracts, orders, invoices, return mail, and legal documents. Once captured, mail is moved into a digital workflow, where it can then be stored securely or distributed to specific individuals within the company.

In terms of time and labor, Insurance Digital Mailrooms are much less labor-intensive. The vast majority of the process is completely hands-off, meaning that employees are freed up to focus on more important tasks such as speaking with claimants or investigating claims.

Analyze Business Practices to Identify Digital Opportunities

DATAMARK's consultants have over 28 years of experience working within the insurance industry. Many of our experts have watched the industry evolve from pure paper copies and records to fully digital solutions yet still respect the need for increased security and compliance.

Every suggestion our consultants make is tailored to the needs of the client. Consultations always start with a full investigation of your day-to-day operation, how you currently process data, and where current issues, such as bottlenecks, exist. Consultants then identify ways to improve, either large or small, and give you the option to work with DATAMARK on a fully customized Digital Mailroom solution to serve your insurance company now and well into the future.

DATAMARK's customized systems and platforms, should you choose to move forward with development, capitalize on Lean Six-Sigma efficiency strategies while making use of high-volume production scanners, manual data entry methods, automated form classification, imaging, scanning, and so much more. The result is a system that allows your employees to address and move through insurance claims and correspondence at a greatly heightened rate.

Specific and Impactful Benefits for Insurance Industry Enterprises

At DATAMARK, we don’t just provide consulting for the insurance industry. Our experience and expertise also includes past projects within these industries:

However, we believe Digital Mailroom strategies hold specific and unique benefits for insurance enterprises because of the nature of the industry.

Lower Overhead Costs

Manual document and claims processing is extremely expensive. By digitizing the entire mailroom process, DATAMARK can help you save money and reflect improvements on profit margins for shareholders.

Automated Scanning

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), platforms, we can almost entirely automate the process of collecting, capturing, and distributing mail to various departments. We use only leading-edge technologies that ensure razor-sharp precision and accuracy.

Easy Imaging

Processing claims often requires reviewing documents that aren’t suitable for scanning, such as blueprints, mockups, photos, video, and more. DATAMARK uses specialized imaging strategies to capture, collect, and organize these non-standard document formats.

Automated 3-Way Match

Advanced AI-driven algorithms detect document content, including addresses, names, pricing, and calculations, cross-matching it to other documents in the system for accuracy and error elimination. This is especially useful for ensuring evidence is catalogued in the right place and claims payouts go to the right individuals or entities, reducing costs to fix errors.

Letter and Form Extraction

OCR and ICR scanning technologies allow us to pull information from structured (forms) or unstructured (handwritten notes) submissions for proper organization in the system. This information is then filtered and submitted to your backend system in the right places at the right time.

Manual Keying and Data Entry

When OCR and ICR simply can’t detect information, or when Digital Mailroom technology is inappropriate, DATAMARK’s consultants can help you create a manual keying team for reviews and data entry needs. Our consultants know how to limit costs while ensuring you hire the right people, no matter how high or low the volume.

Ease Bottlenecks and Boost Efficiency with Consulting for Insurance Digital Mailrooms from DATAMARK

In insurance enterprises, business intelligence is a critical component of effective operation. Making smart decisions about digital solutions starts with discovering how you do business, what you are struggling with, how you can improve, and which leading-edge technologies can give you a competitive edge. DATAMARK’s consultants specialize in working with, and for, insurance entities to improve the way they handle mail, serve clients, and limit wasted time or resources. Whether you want to maintain full control and use your own software, or you’re considering a fully-scalable custom-built Insurance Digital Mailroom platform, we’re eager to assist.

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