Businesses have a higher demand for data than the average person. Most day-to-day operations place high demands on staff to access, review, input, and store data, including customer profiles, emails, faxes, spreadsheets, contact form info, and other structured or unstructured forms. Putting these responsibilities into the hands of your front-line or management staff severely inflates business process timeframes, slowing down operation and jeopardizing business.

Outsourcing Data Capture with DATAMARK removes the pressure to collect, capture, and store perfect data in an organized and useful fashion. Our experts take over the most critical aspects of the process, using advanced technologies like automation and artificial intelligence to prime collection tasks for efficiency and effectiveness.

The Benefits of Data Capture & Data Entry Outsourcing With DATAMARK’s Experts

Outsourcing Data Capture Lets You Collect Data From Multiple Sources Securely

Information breaches are more common than ever; who you entrust with your data capture responsibilities can be the difference between efficient operation and multimillion dollar lawsuits. DATAMARK uses world-class, highly intensive Data Security protocols to protect your information capital. Whether you’re collecting from an online webform or some other unstructured source, we can help.

When you choose DATAMARK’s Outsourced Data Capture services, you make an informed and intelligent choice to put your sensitive and/or confidential information into the hands of highly skilled industry experts. This critical step is particularly important to enterprises and organizations in the financial, technology, healthcare, government, and insurance sectors, where strict regulations can result in fines or loss of licensure. DATAMARK protects your interests, your data, and your customers with fluid, agile, efficient, and secure data capture services.

Improve Accuracy and Speed with Outsourcing for Data Capture

Data capture, especially manual capture of unstructured data and paper forms, is notoriously complex and prone to accuracy problems. Employees who are rushed or pressed for time may accidentally enter in the wrong information. Poorly designed cookie-cutter software platforms don’t fare much better; they, too, may capture the wrong information, causing problems for the business and its clients.

Outsourcing for Data Capture from DATAMARK resolves traditional accuracy concerns by ensuring that all captures go through a robust, multilayered process. Highly precise automated systems cross-check entries to ensure extremely high accuracy. Manual entry and reviews from our extremely experienced data entry outsourcing team ensure mistakes never slip through; instead, they’re ameliorated before they have the opportunity to cause confusion and lost accounts.

Outsourcing Data Capture also benefits businesses by shortening the capture and collection process. Enterprises may encourage customers to communicate via email, paper mail, fax, or even phone; advanced systems collect the information as it comes in, clean it, optimize it, sort it, and store it in the right format. Each critical piece of information is available and ready, in the right place at the right time, as it becomes needed – without wasting too much human capital or time.

Split Manual and Automated Methods and Lower Expenditures

Outsourcing Data Capture with DATAMARK empowers your business to think holistically about their approach to data collection methods. Instead of working under tight restrictions, such as the availability of human capital or budget for extremely expensive licensing for automated systems, you hand off these tasks to us. Our flexible outsourcing options scale from simple manual input all the way up to completely automated collection and everything in the middle.

The ability to decide how much of your data, or which data, to manually or automatically capture can help you save money and scale your services to meet demand. If most of your data is unstructured, we’ll enter it manually and accurately to meet your needs. If most of your data is digital or submitted by structured forms, our automated systems will gather it for you instead, producing a significant cost saving that gives you more freedom to grow.

Strengthen Customer Support and Service Teams

For businesses that serve customers and clients, either directly or over the phone, the ability to capture just the right amount of information in the right way dramatically influences customer support. When a customer calls in to request a copy of their contract, or an invoice for an order, representatives need to be able to retrieve that information quickly and easily. This is only possible if the data is collected in the right way from the day they enter the lifecycle.

DATAMARK’s systems use incredibly advanced capture methods. These methods ensure that all of the most critical information is collected:

  • Customer profiles
  • Contact information
  • Shopping analytics
  • Histories and notes
  • Offer codes and coupons
  • Loyalty and reward programs
  • Digital and email marketing responses
  • Requests for support (service or technical)
  • Forms, including paper, web, digital, and app-based
  • Financial information, including credit cards or banking info

A customer service representative or manager who has access to a DATAMARK data capture team or system has rapid access to all of these documents and forms. This, in turn, makes it easier to identify needs, cross-sell, up-sell, and keep track of clients and customers in much less time. Better support often leads to improvements in conversions and sales – the ultimate goal.

Outsourcing Data Capture Improves Speed and Lowers Labor Costs

Unless you already own extremely advanced data capture technologies, creating an in-house system can be extremely expensive. Cookie-cutter platforms that often never really “fit” provide function, yet fail to truly solve the problem you’re dealing with and may even endanger data. Unfortunately, custom data capture design and in-house manual data entry can be even more expensive, leaving businesses to take unnecessary risks or even collect fewer pieces of data in the first place.

Outsourcing Data Capture to DATAMARK removes this high cost and barrier of entry so you don’t have to spend a fortune just to capture your most important information. Our teams use our own in-house systems, optimized or customized to fit your business, until the point at which your day-to-day operation demands a fully custom-built data capture platform. This lowers labor and data capture costs to help you save precious funds for growing your business.

Outsourcing Data Entry & Data Capture: Options for Advanced Needs

If you’ve already reached the point at which you need a custom system, we will work with your organization to identify your needs, your most pressing problems, and your goals. DATAMARK specializes in building custom-designed data capture systems for the healthcare, transportation, financial, banking, insurance, energy and utilities industries. We also support government organizations at the municipal, state and federal level with custom system design.

DATAMARK has over 28 years of experience working with data and data capture methodologies. If your enterprise or business needs assistance with capturing the right data accurately, quickly, and fluidly, we want to talk. Contact DATAMARK today at 800-477-1944 to learn more about how our agile Outsourced Data Capture services can benefit you.

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