Data is at the core of a business’s ability to run effectively and efficiently on a day-to-day basis. From simply collecting and inputting customer profiles and sales information to structured and unstructured information sourced from paper and web forms, the need for accurate, secure data capture strategies is extremely high.

Unfortunately, very few businesses have staff or management specialists who completely understand leading-edge data capture methodologies, including manual keying and automated data entry. Businesses often assign these tasks to front-line employees or managers instead, taking up precious working hours and increasing the risk of errors.

DATAMARK’s Onsite Management of Data Capture and data entry ensures that you always have data collection experts at your location to help you collect data the right way. From handling digital and physical mailroom submissions to creating scalable, agile automated systems to record faxes, email, and form data, our onsite teams offer full information management support without putting excessive pressure on your own employees.

Key Benefits of Onsite Management of Data Capture

Better Access to Business-Critical Information and Analytics

Businesses who collect and organize data properly benefit from a heightened assortment of business intelligence and planning options compared to those who lack expertise. Our on-site data capture experts have the power to collect data from more sources, organizing it into a format or style that works best for your business. Instead of relying on a system you need to conform to, your system conforms to your needs instead.

Having Onsite Management of Data Capture and data entry also ensures that DATAMARK’s experts are always present and available to help you manage your information. If business processes change, or if you need a temporary adjustment to capture specific data, making changes is fast and easy. Our proprietary combination of automation and manual data entry ensures maximum efficiency.

Funnel Captured Data into Sensibly Organized Formats

How you use your data is up to you, but whatever your goals, DATAMARK can work around them. From web analytics to sensitive customer financial or healthcare information, our Data Capture strategies make the right tools available. Working with Onsite Management of Data Capture from DATAMARK ensures your unstructured or structured data is presented in ways that make sense and retain usefulness, even if that data is unstructured from the start.

Our Onsite Data Capture Management teams have extensive experience working with diverse information and data formats, including manual key entry, imaging, scanning, digital channels like emails, and more. No matter how complex your data collection methods are, we can streamline business processes to ensure accuracy and efficiency at the endpoint of every collection channel. Being able to offload these tasks to a specific third-party team is of immense benefit to businesses with multiple departments, many projects, and few resources to spare.

Fully Scalable Data Capture and Collection From These Important Channels

Onsite Management of Data Capture significantly extends collection and capture options for nearly all businesses and enterprise organizations. See the list below for a surface-level overview of just a few of the methods we use to ensure you have the right data at all times.

  • Manual and Nearshore Keying – For unstructured data that automated systems struggle to recognize or organize. Often best for low-volume data entry demands, such as weekly analytics, monthly reports, and customer profile information. Nearshore keying combines manual keying with automation to reduce workload and improve collection.

  • Intelligent Character Recognition – Automated software that powerfully interprets and catalogs unstructured and structured data such as forms, faxes, and handwritten notes. Unlike OCR (discussed further down), ICR is one of the only technologies with the power to recognize handwriting, even if the handwriting is messy or difficult to read.

  • Barcode recognition – This data capture method is best for inventory and other systems that rely on barcode recognition for efficient business processes. May also be used to itemize specific documents, such as transportation contracts, shipping information, or proof of delivery.

  • Templated Automated Capture – Data capture using automated technologies that only capture specific information based on a pre-designed template. Templates may be customized to suit the needs of the business. Suitable for tests, quizzes, and other education applications as well as government surveys and more.

  • Optical Character Recognition – Uses a computer-based “eye” to review documents and capture structured and unstructured data, including some handwriting and most forms. OCR systems may also be customized to recognize and categorize data based on the content within it for more accurate processes.

  • Intelligent Document Recognition – Similar to OCR, but follows specific rules for recognizing data. For context, many post offices use IDR to recognize postal codes and shipping information, auto-populating it into the system after it is scanned. Appropriate for any business who receives a high amount of information, but only needs to analyze a portion of what is presented at any given time.

  • Voice Capture – Have our Onsite Management of Data Capture team set up and manage processes to record voice notes, voicemails, and voice messages. Make taking notes for meetings, recording conferences, and staying on top of contacts fast and easy.

  • Strategies for Legacy Data – Using a different type of data, including older input systems? We can help you improve your business processes while retaining your older legacy systems with custom software retrofits and manual keying.

Offload Labor-Intensive Data Capture Management to Our Onsite Teams

Working with Onsite Management of Data Capture from DATAMARK puts the power of control back into your hands without overloading your employees. As we work entirely at your location, you are free to oversee our processes without having to hire new employees or experts under your business. We handle your most pressing Data Capture needs with nearly 28 years of experience and a constantly growing knowledge of leading-edge best practices and technologies.

Your data is your key to success – but only if it is captured correctly in the first place. Don’t leave these critical tasks in the hands of already-busy employees who may not have time to handle the process correctly. Call DATAMARK and learn how we can change your business for the better, both now and well into the future.

Industries Benefiting From DATAMARK’s On-Site Data Capture Solutions

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