You’ve worked hard to establish your brand identity and build customer loyalty. In addition to the daily interactions you have with customers at your location, it is important to be there for them at every stage of the customer lifecycle. To do this, companies turn to inbound call center outsourcing with DATAMARK, ensuring their customers get the support they need when they need it most. When a customer dials your 800 number or reaches out on other support channels, they will be greeted by a proud representative of your company —a DATAMARK customer service agent.

With an in-depth knowledge of your products and services, our agents become advocates for your brand. Every time they answer a call, email, or chat, they will understand why customers pick you over a competitor—and will work to keep it that way.

Our inbound call centers include customer care, technical support, sales and order management, and loyalty program management. Features of inbound call center services include:

Multichannel contact center technology platform for engaging with your customers by voice, email, webchat, and via social media channels to ensure brand consistency.

Skills-based routing to automatically direct customer inquiries to the correct queue and best agent support for first-contact resolution. This increases customer satisfaction while improving efficiency for your business.

A callback option to allow customers to arrange for a callback when they reach the front of the queue. The added convenience enables callers to receive assistance when their schedule best permits, reducing frustration.

Repeat caller identification and “last-agent” routing enables us to direct the caller (along with their call history) to the last agent who handled their issue, or to the best available agent. This consistency ensures issues are resolved by those who know the case the best.

DATAMARK abides by all client requirements for compliance and/or certification of 3rd-party regulations including, but not limited to, PCI, for handling customer payment information, making it easier for callers to add new services to their account or purchase products, and HIPAA, for ensuring customer health information privacy.