Analyze, Re-design, Implement, Monitor, Manage, Automate

Whether it's handled in-house or handed off to an outsourcing provider, a business process is not a one-time exercise—it's not a case of "set it and forget it."

At DATAMARK, as a BPM company, our goal is to continually improve processes and workflows. We do this with a business process management (BPM) methodology that incorporates continuous evaluation, to identify steps that can be taken to improve processes with business process management solutions. The typical steps in a BPM methodology, as described by AIIM, the Global Community of Information Professionals, include:

  • Analyze the current process.
  • Re-design and model a new process.
  • Implement the redesigned process.
  • Monitor the results of the new process.
  • Manage the workflow from end to end.
  • Automate by incorporating technology where it will be most effective.

Today, several software suites are available to control and manage each step of BPM services. DATAMARK uses BPM software to analyze and improve its client's processes. DATAMARK’s business process management services can also assist organizations with the implementation of a BPM methodology as part of an overall enterprise content management solution.

Benefits of Business Process Management Solutions

  • Continuous improvement
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Reduced operating costs

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