Eliminate manual steps to improve speed and efficiency.

The world is now in a post-PC era. We're connected across the globe through mobile devices, which means every organization should take advantage of all the benefits available through business process automation (BPA).

If your company's staff, customers and vendors are required to do multiple, repetitive manual tasks to conduct business, it's a sure sign automation opportunities exist. Can work that is now conducted over the phone can be handled faster online via smartphone or tablet? Are documents being driven to an office with fax service when they could be captured and transmitted by mobile scanners? Does your business process require documents to be physically carried from desk to desk and department to department?

If the answer is yes, consider engaging DATAMARK's business engineering teams to develop a business process automation solution for your organization.

Understanding that automation will only make a poor-performing process a faster poor-performing process, DATAMARK will first seek to streamline and improve a business process before applying automation technologies.

Here are some examples of the major benefits that can be delivered by a well-thought-out implementation of a business process automation system:

  • Process automation can provide an audit trail—who did what and when—for organizations that are highly regulated or have strict security and control requirements.
  • Organizations using mobile devices, including those with BYOD policies, can use automation to accelerate processes by capturing, digitizing and routing documents from any location at any time.
  • Process automation can push work to employee queues, saving time from having to search (pull item items into the workflow) or wait for them to be processed.
  • Process automation can tie together multiple business systems to eliminate the need for moving back and forth between application interfaces.
  • Automation can improve process visibility by gathering data and presenting it via dashboards to improve planning and decision making.

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