Keep Your Organization Moving Forward Despite Unforeseen Events

DATAMARK’s business continuity/disaster recovery (BCP/DR) plans help ensure organizations keep running even when unexpected events might otherwise derail business operations and can help teams get back to work faster in the rare occasion operations must briefly pause.

Be Prepared for Any Situation with Business Continuity Planning

  • Pandemics
  • Natural disasters (floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.)
  • Any unexpected man-made event (riots, burglaries, etc.)
  • Equipment or connectivity issues and failures (blackouts, server malfunctions, downed phone lines, etc.)
  • Any other unexpected situations or emergency

Without continuity planning in place, these types of events can easily halt operations, prevent the business from functioning, produce poor customer support, and even result in damage to the business property or loss of sensitive data. DATAMARK understands the importance of protecting your critical business information and will develop business continuity plans customized to suit your business needs. Our disaster recovery solutions preserve your valuable data even if an emergency should arise.

Business Continuity Plans Can Incorporate Many Elements

  • Hard-copy, digital and online reference for all information needed for recovery after a disaster
  • Step-by-step workflow of the recovery process
  • Contact information for personnel, vendors and other recovery assistance
  • Escalation procedures
  • Alternate site information
  • Work from home options
  • And more

Once established, business continuity/disaster recovery plans are tested on a regular basis to ensure they’re effective and will continue to meet business needs.

Explore BPO Services That Can Preserve Your Business Continuity

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a broad term that refers to partnering with a third party who handles functions that are essential to doing business but aren’t directly related to your organization’s core offerings. In many cases, BPO addresses repetitive tasks or things that can be automated. However, a BPO provider like DATAMARK can also tackle components that require specialized skill.

311 Contact Centers: Cities that leverage 311 contact centers for non-emergency concerns for residents can be easily overwhelmed when an unexpected event occurs, leaving citizens without the help and answers they need. By outsourcing your municipality’s 311 contact center, you can be assured the facility will not be impacted by local events and can easily scale to meet demands.

Call Centers: Everyday call centers, such as those which manage customer service, warranties, technical support, IT help desk support, and more, need to stay in operation to maintain customer satisfaction levels and sometimes keep operations running smoothly as employees move offsite. With this business process outsourced, there’s no question of how to pivot or scrambling to adapt to changing circumstances. Protocols are already in place.

Data Capture: Error rates sore in times of crisis or stress but a mixture of manual and automated data capture/data entry BPO services can keep forms moving through the pipeline 24/7 with 99.5 percent accuracy.

Document Processing: Whether your organization has enrollment paperwork, applications, claims, invoices, or virtually any type of document, moving to the BPO model can ensure processing is handled quickly and securely.

Digital Mailroom: Physical pieces of mail have to be received, sorted, and delivered to the right people. Any issue in this chain breaks continuity. In times of pandemic, for example, many organizations struggle to get their mail at all, and, with employees working remotely, have major delivery problems. Going digital solves all these concerns, yet also improves productivity, service times, and security.

Document Storage + Retrieval Solutions: DATAMARK’s BPO services follow the full life-cycle of a document, ensuring the information is retrievable as needed and physical copies are securely held for as long as necessary.

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable: Money stops flowing into the business and late fees build when accounting teams are kept from their work. Outsourcing accounting functions helps ensure payments are processed promptly and invoices are paid according to terms, keeping more money in your organization’s process and potentially saving you from major financial difficulties.

Contact DATAMARK to Begin Your Business Continuity Plan

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to business continuity. Some processes can be handled offshore to maximize savings or overnight turnaround of documents while others may benefit most from onshore or near-shore options, as they can offer greater oversight, enhanced communication, and other benefits. With more than three decades providing BPO services to large enterprises, government organizations, and Fortune 500 companies, DATAMARK can help you develop the ideal business continuity strategy for your organization’s needs.

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