Keep business moving in the event of failures.

DATAMARK’s business continuity/disaster recovery (BCP/DR) plans for clients are designed to ensure continued processing or a rapid return to work in the event of failures caused by weather, accidents, equipment breakdown, connectivity interruption or other unexpected events.

From floods and fires to blizzards and blackouts, disasters can happen. Events of this kind can cause businesses serious losses. Aside from the damage that may be inflicted on the physical property where the business is located, there is the danger that important, sensitive data may be lost as well. DATAMARK understands the importance of protecting your critical business information and will develop business continuity plans customized to meet your business requirements. Our disaster recovery solutions will preserve your valuable data even if an emergency situation should arise.

Business Continuity Plans typically incorporate the following elements:

  • Hard-copy, digital and online reference for all information needed for recovery after a disaster.
  • Step-by-step workflow of the recovery process.
  • Contact information for personnel, vendors and other recovery assistance.
  • Escalation procedures. Alternate site information.

The established business continuity/disaster recovery plans are tested on a regular basis to ensure that they meet all business requirements.

DATAMARK’s on-shore and near-shore digital mailroom and document processing facilities are strategically located in the Southwest United States, in an area not prone to earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding rivers, hurricanes or blizzards.

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