Save time and overhead storage cost with DATAMARK’s document storage solutions

Transportation and logistics companies are consistently on the move -- even for those in stationary jobs. One of the largest issues that transportation and logistics services have is understanding what to do with their ample documents. Invoices, bills of lading, licenses, and permits all contain information that can hold your company back if managed incorrectly. For those companies managing their documents on their own, many opt to use legacy hard-copy storage solutions. These pose a number of problems, from not being able to find the data you need quickly to taking up storage space that costs your company. While these can take up unnecessary storage space, unmonitored use of digital storage options can put documents at risk of getting lost.

The benefits of using a transportation & logistics document storage company

With DATAMARK's progressive document storage solutions, we allow transportation and logistics companies to access the documents that they need when they need them and without the risk of losing or mismanaging the valuable data contained on them. Our high-speed, high-volume scanners are able to take on the task of processing thousands of documents each day-- imaging and indexing each one so that your company has immediate, organized access to the data contained within the forms. We help automate the storage and retrieval of the information you need so that it helps your company grow without interruption.

If your company would prefer to stick with hard-copy storage, DATAMARK can also help implement this. Both digital and hard-copy storage is secure, and DATAMARK provides proper disposal of hard copy documents when no longer necessary. Storing documents with DATAMARK allows companies to save on the cost of storage and the trouble of mismanaged hard copy storage. Our barcode recognition technologies allow your companies to easily find documents as if they were digitized.

DATAMARK has nearly thirty years of experience working with transportation and logistics companies on solutions to their document storage problems. For cost reduction and high overall savings, choose DATAMARK solutions.

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Why DATAMARK for Transportation Document Storage and Retrieval

Reduced Operating Costs

DATAMARK saves transportation and logistics companies money by allowing them to free up facility space.

Process Improvement

DATAMARK’s attention to detail and holistic management processes save money, time, and error, helping businesses run efficiently.

Trusted Technology Partners

Our technology partners, like Cisco and Kodak, are constantly pushing themselves to produce the most efficient products. This means increased security for DATAMARK’s customers across the globe.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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