Use of high-resolution document scanners and state of the art indexing puts DATAMARK’s document scanning and imaging services above the competition.

It is important for any company that revolves around the sales industry to stay ahead of their competition. For many industries, insight into industry trends can be found in the various documents that come into their possession. Things like invoices, accounts payable and receivable, and route information allow transportation services to understand where they can improve. Keeping all this data safe as well as being able to access it can be trying, especially amid all the other business routines. With the organization and technical capabilities of DATAMARK, document imaging and scanning can be effectively worked into a system that helps your company prosper.

DATAMARK offers offshore, nearshore, and farshore service locations for a number of high-volume document needs. These printers and scanners can service up to 250 documents per hour, and are fully-equipped to support long-term scanning as well as oddly-sized scanning projects. With high accuracy rates and automated processes, our document management systems complete with document scanning and imaging services can transform your back office processes and help you keep your service on the road.

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Why DATAMARK for Transportation Document Scanning and Imaging

A Leader in Scanning and Imaging Services since 1989

DATAMARK is continually searching for ways to improve back office processes and has been helping Fortune 500, government, and transportation and logistics companies do this since 1989.

Preservation of Image

We know that preservation of your brand’s image is one of the reasons why DATAMARK is successful at what we do. We ensure that your brand’s goals and desires are part of every decision that we make.

Process Improvement

DATAMARK uses Lean, Six Sigma methodologies to the process that we use to ensure that the way we image and scan your documents improves quality, cost, and efficiency for your company.

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