Outsourcing transportation data capture to DATAMARK enhances worker productivity rates, increases data accuracy, and improves turnaround times.

Data in the 21st century is transforming the ways companies operate and make strategic decisions. However, the forecasting, modeling, and analytical insights you derive from your data are only as good as the accuracy of each data record. Outsourcing transportation data capture processes to DATAMARK can ensure the integrity of your data and lead to a wide array of benefits.

Outsourcing Transportation Data Capture Leads to Significant Financial Savings

When working with a highly-reputable, proven team of experts who have been in the industry for decades, odds are that your operational efficiency will increase substantially from outsourcing transportation data capture. Top-quality professionals have a wide variety of tools and tactics up their sleeves to redesign workflows and address operational inefficiencies that may have been in place within your company since the very beginning. With better operational efficiency and competitively-priced outsourcing, your institution would be surprised just how much DATAMARK team can help you save on your organizational processes. These newly available financial resources in your budget can be better spent on processes that directly improve your quality of services for customers and gain an edge on the competition.

Enhance Worker Productivity Rates

When working with a specialized team to handle tedious, administrative tasks, your employees’ schedules will be significantly freed up to focus on the most important tasks at hand. Data capturing processes can be incredibly repetitious and draining on your team members. Empower your team to better utilize their work hours, spend more time on more advanced projects, and engage in deeper, meaningful work thanks to the benefits of transportation data capture outsourcing.

Increase Data Entry Accuracy

The decisions your organization makes on a daily basis rely on the integrity and accuracy of the data that is available to you. With hundreds of thousands of data points needing to be recorded, tired employees can easily make mistakes over the course of many hours doing manual data entry work. Outsourcing transportation data capture work to DATAMARK can effectively minimize the chances of errors occurring. Our attentive, innovative team utilizes an intensive Quality Assurance program that guarantees 99.5% accuracy for single entry work alone! Our hyper-focused Quality Assurance program separates us from the competition, included in this incredibly successful program is:

  • Benchmarking to Keep Track of Current Metrics
  • Standardization in Our Training & Processes to Enhance Quality & Efficiency
  • Quality Verification through Thorough Sample Studies of All Our Employees
  • Web Audit Reporting
  • Incentives to Employees to Meet Quality Promises
  • Continuous Improvement regarding Both Processes and Technology

Improve Turnaround Times Outsourcing Transportation Data Capture

When outsourcing transportation data capture to the right company, they can not only handle the heavy lifting for you, but they are also smart about approaches they use to help you achieve optimal results. The goal is to work as efficiently as possible. With modern automation technologies and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, DATAMARK can instantly classify unstructured and semi-structured data and capture metadata quickly to improve turnaround times. With quicker turnaround times come enhanced abilities to make executive decisions with up-to-date information.

Analyze Data More Conveniently

The insights you derive from your data are only as good as your abilities to analyze it all. Having big data is of little use if you cannot effectively make sense of it all. Fortunately, when outsourcing transportation data capture to DATAMARK, we will provide your organization with easy-to-use ANSI, XML, and CSV formats to run all types of analyses and forecasts.

Strengthen Your Security Practices

Having strong information security systems in place is mandatory for long-term, operational success in the digital world today. At DATAMARK, we take security extremely seriously. We are constantly adding new levels and layers of security to protect our client data. Our team is always on top of changes within the field and work hard every day to ensure your confidential information remains strictly protected. Not all organizations have enough time to run system tests and check for weaknesses regularly, outsourcing transportation data capture can keep your company safe and secure for years to come.

Customized Transportation Data Capture Outsourcing Services that Fit Your Needs

Outsourcing services are only effective if they meet the needs of each individual organization. One-size-fits-all solutions are a recipe for disaster. At DATAMARK, we offer convenient:

  • On-shore outsourcing services
  • Near-shore outsourcing services
  • Off-shore outsourcing services
  • 24-hour outsourcing services

Whatever your high-volume document processing needs are, our business process outsourcing company can scale to fit your specific requirements.

Systematic Manual Data Entry and Advanced Automated Data Capturing Processes

When capturing data, there are many methods and approaches you can use to record everything. At DATAMARK, we provide all our clients with an array of options for manual data entry and automated data capturing services. Our highly-efficient and accurate automated solutions include:

  • Bar Code Recognition
  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  • Intelligent Character Recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Optical Mark Recognition

Outsourcing Transportation Data Capture Supports Sustainable Growth

Working with top experts in the field and increasing the operational efficiency is among the best ways transportation providers can look to gain an edge on the competition. When outsourcing transportation data capture to DATAMARK, we can help you implement solutions that will fit within your current workflows. We can also strengthen your abilities to form effective strategies and improve market forecasts with more accurate, high quality data safely stored in accessible files that are only available to authorized personnel. With so many advantages that come from outsourcing time-consuming, operational processes, why not reach out to DATAMARK at 800.477.1944 or fill out our contact form to get started outsourcing transportation data capture?

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Why DATAMARK for Transportation & Logistics Data Capture

Brand Image Maintenance

We provide a seamless integration of DATAMARK technologies with your pre-existing company goals and operational measures.

Real-Time Performance Reporting

DATAMARK is a leader in enterprise content management, and we work with businesses to understand trends in their service based on the data that is reported to them. Additionally, our advanced technology makes it easy for us to report on this accurately and quickly.


By making the switch to automated processes, DATAMARK can help achieve nearly 99.5% accuracy in your data capture procedures.

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