Data is transforming the ways in which companies forecast and make strategic business decisions. With so much information that can be effectively measured and processed daily, transportation providers have great opportunities today to innovate their current approaches and optimize their practices. Your ability to derive top insights from your data relies upon the accuracy and quality of your stored data. Hiring professional on-site management of transportation data capture is one of the best ways to ensure you’re doing the best job of making decisions based on the data you collect.

The Benefits of On-site Management of Transportation Data Capture

Improve Data Entry Accuracy to 99.5%

When you hire leading experts to handle your on-site management of transportation data capture, the accuracy and quality is certain to improve due to the many tools and tactics highly-knowledgeable managers have at their disposal. At DATAMARK, our team utilizes many of the very best practices in the field, including:

  • Six Sigma
  • Lean Methodologies
  • Total Quality Management
  • Enterprise Content Management

We understand that due to the nature of human mistakes, you need to have strong systems in place to minimize the likelihood of issues occurring and errors going unnoticed. Because of this concern, our business has created a revolutionary intensive Quality Assurance program that ensures data accuracy up to 99.5% for single entry work! This meticulous, innovative system allows our company to stand alone compared to our competitors. Our Quality Assurance program integrates:

  • Benchmarking to Stand on Top of Current Metrics
  • Standardization in Our Training & Processes to Enhance Quality & Efficiency
  • Quality Verification through Thorough Sample Studies on All Our Employees
  • Web Audit Reporting
  • Incentives to Employees to Meet Quality Promises
  • Continuous Improvement regarding Both Processes and Technology

These thorough approaches working synergistically together can lead to spectacular results and top-quality services for all our clients at DATAMARK.

1. Eliminate the Need for Unnecessary Data Entry

While it’s important to have proven, detail-oriented manual data entry work in place, you also don’t want to be doing manual data entry work that is simply not necessary. There are many cutting edge technological solutions on the market today and on-site management for transportation data capture should be one of these systems used by most organizations. Automated solutions can be transformative for transportation providers. There are many existing methods of multiple character recognition out there that can eliminate the need for excessive manual data entry, including:

  • Bar Code Recognition
  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  • Intelligent Character Recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Optical Mark Recognition

All these digital technologies can increase operational efficiency and accurately capture data. Picking the ones that are best for your organization is possible with the guidance of managers who work within the walls of your organization day in and day out.

2. Lower Operating Expenses

With better accuracy and enhanced levels of efficiency, reductions in your operating costs are inevitable. On-site management of transportation data capturing is well worth the investment once you see how much greater your output can be with optimal processes in place. With significant monetary savings, your institution can better allocate your financial resources toward areas that directly improve your quality of services for customers and give you an edge over your competitors.

3. Improve Turnaround Times and Eliminate Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks and overly-long payment cycles can plague company operations and place a large strain on your cash flows. Addressing these long-standing, foundational issues becomes possible once you transform the current systems you have in place. Smart automation technologies and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions can help resolve these problems and improve turnaround times significantly. Unstructured and semi-structured data can be automatically classified with intelligent capture metadata capture systems that make it easier for your entire organization to be well informed and up-to-date with the most current information.

4. Analyze Data More Conveniently to Acquire Key Insights

The conclusions and insights you derive from your company data need an accurate foundation, but also a clear, systematic way in which you can organize and make sense of it all. Accurate data does you little good if arriving at conclusions or running analyzes are next to impossible. Fortunately, with DATAMARK’s on-site management of transportation data capturing, your analysis team and managers can be empowered with access to easy-to-use ANSI, XML, and CSV formats files holding all your corporate information.

5. Reach New Levels of Employee Productivity

By leaving process innovation and the implementation of new software solutions to highly-seasoned experts, your team can sit back and focus on other areas in which you are more productive. Accurately recording data can be a very burdensome, painstaking task for employees better equipped to spend their time on other tasks. Inefficient practices can make this work only all the more draining. By eliminating repetitive work with software solutions and implementing proven strategies from DATAMARK, your employees can discover new time back in their schedules and better focus on the key tasks that drive your mission forward.

6. Increase Data Security Measures

Keeping company information and sensitive customer data confidential is always on the minds of working professionals today. With headlines being made about hacks and data breaches happening to even the largest enterprises, it’s hard not to be concerned and seriously look into ways in which you can directly improve your security policies, procedures, and systems. At DATAMARK, our company understands the need for staying on top of industry best practices and changes in the cybersecurity field. We are always adding new layers of security to our systems and utilize highly-secure databases to store your sensitive information and keep it far away from intruders.

Transform Your Workflows with On-site Management of Transportation Data Capture

To reach your long-term organizational goals, partnering with DATAMARK’s on-site management team for transportation data capturing can be highly beneficial. Our company has been clear leaders in the operations management industry since 1989. We have helped transportation providers of all sizes better their efficiency and improve their productivity rates worldwide. To hire our on-site management team, contact DATAMARK at 800.477.1944 or fill out our contact form.

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Why DATAMARK for Transportation & Logistics Data Capture

Brand Image Maintenance

We provide a seamless integration of DATAMARK technologies with your pre-existing company goals and operational measures.

Real-Time Performance Reporting

DATAMARK is a leader in enterprise content management, and we work with businesses to understand trends in their service based on the data that is reported to them. Additionally, our advanced technology makes it easy for us to report on this accurately and quickly.


By making the switch to automated processes, DATAMARK can help achieve nearly 99.5% accuracy in your data capture procedures.

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