From targeted marketing campaigns online to accurate forecasting of sales for next quarter for a new product, data is fundamentally changing the ways transportation providers run their businesses. To stay relevant in changing markets, companies today need to be adaptive and able to innovate their long-standing business processes. Obtaining consulting services for transportation data capture is one way in which your organization can get started updating your operational processes and gain a key edge over competitors.

The Advantages of Professional Consulting for Transportation Data Capture

1. Make Better Prediction with More Accurate Data

Your strategic company decisions and future courses of action rely largely upon the accuracy of your data. However, due to the extremely tedious, detail-oriented nature of manual data entry work, mistakes are bound to be made in your data departments as employees record thousands upon thousands of data points. Fortunately, there are many innovative, effective solutions out there that can be applied to your current practices to improve your data accuracy to be as great as 99.5%! At DATAMARK, our consultants for transportation data capture can help your company take advantage of many of the very best practices in the field, including:

  • Six Sigma
  • Lean Methodologies
  • Total Quality Management
  • Enterprise Content Management

Implementing tools and techniques that incorporate these methodologies can be transformative in and of themselves. The benefits of working with DATAMARK do not stop there though. Our organization can help you reap the benefits of our highly-reputable, proven Quality Assurance program. This hyper-focused, intensive system is what helps companies of all types achieve up to 99.5% accuracy for single entry work! Our Quality Assurance program includes:

  • Benchmarking to Stand on Top of Current Metrics
  • Standardization in Our Training & Processes to Enhance Quality & Efficiency
  • Quality Verification Through Sample Studies on All Our Employees
  • Web Audit Reporting
  • Incentives to Employees to Meet Quality Promises
  • Continuous Improvement regarding Both Processes and Technology

Leading industry best practices working side by side with DATAMARK’s Quality Assurance program have led to amazing results for our clients worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies.

2. Address & Eliminate Ineffective, Unnecessary Data Entry Work

To achieve sustainable, long-term growth it is crucial that your team works smarter, not just harder. Unfocused efforts lead to unfocused results. Oftentimes, organizations today are still utilizing outdated tactics and strategies to run their operational processes. Manual data entry work simply is not required at all times for companies today. Many advanced, but affordable state-of-the-art technologies exist on the market today that allow for automation of data capture processes.

Multiple character recognition methods can revolutionize your operations, including:

  • Bar Code Recognition
  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  • Intelligent Character Recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Optical Mark Recognition

Deciding which solutions are right for you and how to adapt them can be left to your experienced, expert consultants for transportation data capture.

3. Reduce Your Operations Costs and Reallocate Funds Elsewhere

Operating leanly and efficiently is always a priority for companies looking to gain an edge on the competition. With improved accuracy and automation technologies handling the heavy lifting, minimizing your operating expenses becomes inevitable. With these noteworthy savings, your organization can reallocate your limited financial resources toward projects and teams which directly improve your quality of services for customers. This reinvestment of funds will enhance your customer satisfaction rates and support sustainable, long-term growth.

4. Reduce Costly Bottlenecks and Improve Turn-Around Times

Errors, bottlenecks and overly-drawn out payment cycles can hinder organization of all sizes across various industries. These types of problems occur all too often in companies today. To resolve these systematic issues, you need to look at the foundations your current practices rely upon. Automation and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions can become the new basis of your current practices when working with a company like DATAMARK that provides consulting for transportation data capture. Advanced metadata capture systems can classify unstructured and semi-structured data automatically to eliminate systematic problems occurring and substantially improve turnaround times.

5. Analyze Data More Easily to Obtain Stronger Insights from Your Data

Big data is only powerful if your organization can analyze it efficiently and effectively. Having hundreds of thousands of accurate data points are only useful if your institution can run analyses and derive clear conclusions from all the information. Consulting for transportation data capture can help your business make better use of your data by making information more accessible in ANSI, XML, and CSV file formats files.

6. Heighten Your Employee Productivity Levels

With a stronger process in place for data capture tasks, transportation employees can better focus their attention on the most important tasks at hand to improve your quality of service for your customers. Without distracting bottlenecks and system errors, workers can spend more of their time engaging in deep work, rather than fighting fires. Consulting for transportation data capture allows you to fix draining, burdensome problems quickly and get back to the foundational work that drives your organization forward.

7. Strengthen Your Data Security Practices

When storing sensitive customer account information, it is your responsibility as a business to do everything you can to keep their confidential information private. The issue is that the field of cybersecurity is always changing and evolving as hackers get smarter and software changes constantly. By working with top-quality consultants for transportation data capturing, your company can pinpoint weaknesses in your current information security practices and learn how to address them quickly. Leveraging expert insights in this situation is of great importance in the digital world today.

Grow Your Business with Consulting for Transportation Data Capture

Big data is revolutionizing the ways companies operate in the 21st century today. To keep pace with all that is changing in the marketplace, hire a consulting team for transportation data capture from DATAMARK. Our company has been leading the way in optimizing business processes for organizations worldwide since 1989. Call DATAMARK at 800.477.1944 or fill out our contact form to get started innovating your data capture systems.

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Why DATAMARK for Transportation & Logistics Data Capture

Brand Image Maintenance

We provide a seamless integration of DATAMARK technologies with your pre-existing company goals and operational measures.

Real-Time Performance Reporting

DATAMARK is a leader in enterprise content management, and we work with businesses to understand trends in their service based on the data that is reported to them. Additionally, our advanced technology makes it easy for us to report on this accurately and quickly.


By making the switch to automated processes, DATAMARK can help achieve nearly 99.5% accuracy in your data capture procedures.

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