We are in a culture where we expect to receive everything right away, 24/7/365. Having to wait for anything whether it’s a new television that takes 2 days to arrive at our doorstep, to a burrito that should be ready by the time we walk through the line, or a web page that takes a few milliseconds too long to render. It has to be quick and it has to be good.

Today’s Consumers Lack Patience

The margins of victory and success are slim. People rarely make choices nowadays based on price. It doesn't matter if your logistics carrier has a yellow stripe on the truck or a green one. Service must be executed without a hiccup. People make choices based on convenience. Call centers and customer satisfaction have the opportunity to create that ease of use and convenience.

When problems do arise, they need to be resolved quickly, professionally, and efficiently. One of the key differentiators can be a logistics company's transportation call center outsourcing company.

Importance of Transportation Call Center Outsourcing

Transportation companies need to have a reliable service. Whatever technology that is necessary for all of that to happen behind the scenes is simply the cost of doing business. What can set a transportation company apart is the way in which they handle transportation call center outsourcing. Call centers are most often times seen as a cost center. These business units cost the company money to operate. What if a call center not only drove customer satisfaction but also increased profits for the company's bottom line?

A Change in How Transportation Call Center Outsourcing is Viewed Can Pay Big Dividends

A change in the processes and the technology used can make a huge impact on a logistics company's quality of customer service. DATAMARK provides a world class transportation management system that integrates with our contact center platform. This provides contact center resources the information they need to resolve customer issues with just one call. This greatly reduces the time to resolution and increases customer satisfaction. Instead of waiting for a callback or asking a supervisor for additional information, the issue can be resolved on the spot.

Once the issue is resolved, there can be further opportunities in the moment to provide even greater value. There may be unforeseen upsell opportunities and additional services that can be offered during that same call in order to drive revenue. Scheduling an additional pick up or resolving a billing issue can all be handled by the same resource making it easy and convenient for the customer to buy again.

Find Out More About Why DATAMARK is the Industry Leader In Transportation Call Center Outsourcing

Connect with a transportation call center expert today and find out how DATAMARK can give your contact center the power to drive additional revenue. See how we work with the leading logistics providers to leverage our transportation management system and give your customer service teams greater visibility into the logistics chain. Speak with a transportation contact center expert by calling 800.477.1944 or by completing the contact form below.

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Why DATAMARK for Transportation & Logistics Call Centers

Business Service Experience Since 1989

DATAMARK has been in business with transportation and logistics companies since 1989, and has made marked improvements to business customer service ever since.

Brand Image Maintenance

DATAMARK believes in creating a seamless customer experience while serving our clients. From the way that our call centers are set up to the way our agents are trained to handle incoming inquiries, we make sure that your brand is accurately represented.

Worldwide Presence & Bilingual Options

DATAMARK supports incoming customer inquiries regardless of the time of day or their language. Our worldwide presence makes it easy to represent a large customer base.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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