Outsourcing used to be a risk or a liability to an organization. The perception of the lack of control over the entire process end to end was seen as a limitation. Today, organizations would much rather hand over this competency to a trusted professional partner.

Business Process Outsourcing can create many benefits that are immediately clear to any organization who relies on transportation to connect with its customers. Here are three ways in which outsourcing transportation can benefit any organization.

Proven Technology

Transportation companies have made significant investments in technology to increase the efficiency of resources. Infrastructure to manage and track not only where any box may be along its journey, but also regulations that affect drivers and ultimately the speed of delivery. These kinds of large-scale software and process implementations can become cost prohibitive for organizations whose core competencies are not heavily involved with logistics on a day-to-day basis. DATAMARK has the experience to outsource the right logistics tasks to meet the needs of its customers. Such software, best practices, and experience would not only be cost prohibitive, but time-consuming for our customers. This time can be better spent getting their product to market and in the hands of its customers. This allows you to realize immediate economies of scale.

Improved Productivity

Efficiently managing resources is one of the greatest ways to lower costs and drive better results. A transportation partner can not only have a deep understanding of how to manage drivers, specific vehicles, and supplies for unique situations, but also have the ability to anticipate sudden market conditions. Having the visibility to add resources to one area where they are no longer necessary in another is a critical competency that is best handled by the carrier. Some cases require new services that have never been thought necessary. There may be additional opportunities that a logistics carrier may want to take on such as managing deliveries after they hit the loading dock. This additional work may not have been a consideration for a partner. Whereas an outsourced logistics carrier can seize the opportunity, add billable hours, all the while increasing perceived customer satisfaction for their partner.

Increased Reporting, Analytics, and Visibility

By adding industry-specific technology, improving efficiencies through resource allocation, any organization can have a clearer picture of exactly how a transportation partner can add value. DATAMARK is able to roll up specific yet relevant data from the logistics carrier to the partner to understand costs and savings in real time. This kind of reporting used to be cumbersome and manually driven. Today, thanks to both outsourcing and automation, data can be reported and accessed in a format that meets the requirements of the partner, as well as any regulatory agency that is involved in its oversight.

DATAMARK has over two decades of experience with business process outsourcing in the transportation industry. Our company has the capabilities to scale logistics no matter the unique products or goods anywhere in the world.

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