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Freight forms, invoices, bills, and other financially important documents are all important to keeping businesses running successfully. For many reasons, storage of those documents is necessary for retail and manufacturing businesses. But storage is also something that many retail and manufacturing businesses struggle with. Whether the issue is storage, retrieval, or managing those documents in an organized way, it is possible to detrimentally mismanage these documents without the right help. But this is where DATAMARK can help.

DATAMARK works with high-volume, high-capacity document scanners and processors on-site or off to provide quick, complex solutions to your document storage and retrieval needs. We can provide both digital and hard-copy storage, as well as on-site or off-site storage, to fit your demands. OCR technology aids in the retrieval of digitized documents while barcode recognition technology allows companies to easily access their documents whenever they need them.

When hard copy documents or digital documents are no longer needed, DATAMARK destroys them so their information remains safe. Security, visibility, and efficiency are all things that DATAMARK bring to your company.

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Why DATAMARK for Retail and Manufacturing Document Storage and Retrieval

Cost Savings

DATAMARK’s automated processes and successful organizational tools not only improve processes, but also cut out money-wasting processes -- saving you money in the long term.

Real-time Performance Reporting

Access to documents in an organized, efficient manner helps companies track their growth as well as trends in customer data. This makes them more successful and better to accurately predict changes needed to address long-term goals.

Process Improvement

DATAMARK guarantees that all processes implemented to address your document storage and retrieval needs will improve the overall success of your company.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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