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Retail and manufacturing companies are dependent on customer satisfaction. Customers are looking for quick responses to their questions and quick turnaround time for their ordered goods. Without a well-implemented digital mailroom strategy, mail processing is not likely to maximize company efficiency. When mail processing is not handled efficiently, it could mean delays in shipments or payment processing. Both of these factor in customer satisfaction, which means that this is one area of the industry that cannot be overlooked.

DATAMARK offers the technology and proven systems that can help your retail or manufacturing business run an efficient mailroom and keep customer satisfaction levels high. Our optical character recognition (OCR) in conjunction with our high-performance document scanners allow mail to be processed quickly and subsequently sent to the correct departments. Additionally, our processes are less prone to error than many traditional mailrooms.

Finally, DATAMARK's automated services help your company save time and money overall, helping you focus on your products.

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Why DATAMARK for Retail and Manufacturing Digital Mailroom Solutions

Partnered with Trustworthy Software Companies

DATAMARK partners with the best software companies, like Cisco, to provide the most secure and best-running mailroom processes in the Retail and Manufacturing industry.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Our high-capacity document processors have high-resolution cameras that provide the greatest accuracy through our document-processing solutions.

Secure Processes

DATAMARK knows that retail and manufacturing companies process sensitive information -- like credit card numbers and health information. That is why we strive for the highest security standards possible, for the safety of your company and your clients.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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