Data utilized and organized efficiently with enhanced capture technology

Data Capture is important to most companies but is arguably the most important to our retail and manufacturing companies. Offering insight into the life cycle of inventory and how budgets are being utilized, data capture is crucial to improving customer/product interaction and to improving brand and company profit. These trends can be monitored and improved upon, and DATAMARK offers the technology solutions to provide these results.

DATAMARK's industry-leading recognition software and techniques are key to successful data capture. As well as providing insight into trends, DATAMARK also uses secure methods to process customer information and spending habits. This saves companies from the costly impacts of data breaches and provides customers with a feeling of security.

Retail and Manufacturing institutions can face costly consequences if their data is not handled correctly. But partnerships with leading security companies, as well as secure facilities located onshore, nearshore, and offshore, allow DATAMARK to establish secure data capture and processing for all their customers.

DATAMARK improves data capture speed and lowers overhead with our data capture solutions.

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Why DATAMARK for Retail and Manufacturing Data Capture

Real-Time Performance Reporting

DATAMARK's quick and reliable data capture technologies allow data to be processed and reviewed for performance reports.

Brand Image Maintenance

With all our processes, DATAMARK promises complete compliance with company standards as well as the incorporation of your brand image. We aim to work as an extension of your company, providing a seamless customer experience.


Our advanced recognition software and reduction of human-based error offer DATAMARK clients 99.5% accuracy on all our processes.

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