Improving retail experience with quality customer service

Millennials are one of the biggest consumer groups worldwide -- and a recent study showed that 57% of millennial buyers are actively comparing prices and showing scrutiny to match their needs. Still more studies show their need for customer service to be based around technology. Millennials are using the phone to dial less than previous generations. In order to cater to one of the biggest buying groups alive today, it is important to have appropriate customer service options for them. However, there are still a large group of consumers out there who prefer traditional contact methods -- like mail and phone.

For the retail and manufacturing industry, DATAMARK  has the solution for the demanding customer service options of today. Our contact centers offer multi-channel options, including email, chat support, and other contact methods. They provide customer support, order statuses, collections, and more. The processes offer trend monitoring and consistent agent experience to help companies grow and maintain their customer base.

DATAMARK's contact centers are located globally, allowing customers the opportunity to reach out to them through times and means that are convenient to them.

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Why DATAMARK for the Retail and Manufacturing Sector

Trusted Partners

DATAMARK does business with only the best technology partners -- including Cisco, Sigma, and Spectrum -- ensuring only the most secure digital processes.

Quality Assurance

We make sure that all our agents, regardless of what channel they work through, are prepared to represent retail brands and their company overall.

Real-Time Performance Reporting

DATAMARK is a leader in enterprise content management, and we work with business to understand trends in their service for improvement.

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