Innovative hard-copy and digital solutions for all types of insurance documents

Insurance companies process thousands of documents yearly containing sensitive information. One of the many tasks that they are faced with is finding solutions to how to properly store and retrieve these documents when the time comes. The information on these documents is indispensable, but also must remain strict in its compliance. Handling all this information can be a hassle, but DATAMARK offers custom solutions to fit with the incoming and outgoing documents that insurance companies process including ample storage and secure handling methods.

Our high-volume, high-capacity document scanners and processors work to process documents quickly and efficiently, avoiding the mismanagement of data. Our storage solutions work with your needs, offering both digital and hard-copy storage. Our hard-copy storage centers use barcode recognition technologies so that documents can be retrieved when they need to be.

While hard-copy storage centers are perfect for insurance companies with unstructured forms that need to be accurately stored, there are many security and storage issues that could be potentially involved with these storage solutions. DATAMARK understands the complexities and security risks underlying hard-copy storage and has solutions for them. As well as on-site and off-site storage solutions, DATAMARK securely stores information and destroys it once it is no longer needed. DATAMARK can also store your information digitally, making it accessible in real-time from anywhere in the world. All our storage facilities are secure and are located globally.

For cost reduction and high overall savings, choose DATAMARK solutions.

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Why DATAMARK for Insurance Document Storage and Retrieval

Worldwide Locations

In order to meet the time requirements of our clients, our service centers are located globally. This supports business continuity with our range of supported languages and the representation of different time zones.

Process Improvement

DATAMARK applies Lean Six Sigma methodologies to your business processes to help your company understand how their business processes might be improved.


DATAMARK takes security seriously. We securely train our staff, partner with the latest technology companies, and limit access to our facilities to ensure the highest security measures.

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