Helping insurance companies help their clients with insurance digital mailroom solutions

Digital mailrooms are becoming increasingly popular as the population grows. Today's digital mailroom has helped companies process their mail more efficiently but has also aided in the overall success of the company through its improved customer service and quick document processing. With the use of data-capture systems, optical character recognition, and high-volume production scanners, incoming and outgoing mail is processed more efficiently so that the data in that mail can be easily accessed and sorted. DATAMARK can help insurance companies by providing insurance digital mailroom services.

Benefits of insurance digital mailroom services for insurance companies

As national insurance policy changes, insurance mailrooms nationwide are seeing the impact. DATAMARK has witnessed this first hand and knows how to transform mailrooms into critical resources for companies. We work on-site with one of the top insurance providers in the nation to provide them with quick and efficient mail processing. Especially for insurance companies, human-based data-entry methods have shown to be time-consuming, often compliance-breaking, and error-prone. When it comes to safely processing client information that comes through the mail, as well as ensuring that the information gets to the correct departments, DATAMARK works with you to ensure that incoming and outgoing mail is processed the right way so that you save time, money, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Why DATAMARK for Insurance Digital Mailroom Transformation

Proven Experience

DATAMARK has serviced one of the largest insurance companies in the nation for many years, and continues to work with them to streamline their incoming and outgoing mail processes.

Nearly 30 Years in the Industry

DATAMARK has been at the forefront of the Insurance industry since 1989, and since then has worked with many insurance companies to provide the most efficient mailroom service to a number of different Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and other entities.

Improved Customer Service

Almost 25% of companies surveyed by a recent AIIM survey described their mail services as “chaotic” without proper management. By helping companies manage their chaos, they improve not only their efficiency but also their customer service.

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DATAMARK Celebrating 30 Years of Exceptional Service