Improving insurance processes with comprehensive data capture technologies

The insurance industry is only one of the many industries that have had to update their data collection processes to meet increasingly technology-based processes. Although insurance agencies have always processed this data, insurance subscribers are increasing and with it is the amount of data that comes in. Updating data collection processes to include automated processes is crucial to the continued integrity of a business. That is where DATAMARK can help out our insurance partners.

Our global data capture facilities are equipped with state of the art recognition technologies that help capture metadata from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured forms. DATAMARK's high-volume printers and scanners can process nearly 300 documents a minute, allowing the data from those documents to be securely organized and filed away for ease of access. Our technology partners are the best in the trade and provide the highest security protocols for the technology we utilize.

DATAMARK knows that data capture has traditionally been used to help the industry grow. We aim to continue and accelerate that growth so that insurance providers can give their customers the coverage they need while reducing their overall operational cost.

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Why DATAMARK for Insurance Data Capture

Brand Image Maintenance

We understand that maintaining a consistent work image is important to our partners, which is why DATAMARK promises complete compliance with company standards and vision.

Data Services Since 1989

DATAMARK has been providing extensive data capture, organization, and classification services to businesses, including one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, since 1989.


DATAMARK data capture processes are nearly 99.5% accurate, and rule out human error, providing heightened security and more accurate data analysis.

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