Experienced customer service capabilities with a focus on your brand

Insurance customers expect a lot when they call in for help. They require someone who knows a lot about their specific situation, as well as someone who knows a lot about their brand. Often, they require quick turnaround and support during non-business hours. These provide complex problems for insurance companies, but they are problems that DATAMARK is able to solve with their advanced call center solutions.

DATAMARK guarantees that when a customer dials your 800 number or reaches out, a DATAMARK customer service agent will represent your company on the other end. They will represent your company in-depth, providing service that makes customers feel secure. Friendly, knowledgeable agents work on promoting your company's identity and providing the service that makes you a leader in your industry.

Our automated processes and skills-based routing direct your customers to the right fit every time, increasing customer satisfaction. Additionally, our callback options provide better service that works around patient need and company capacity. Your insurance company never needs to worry about dropped calls, insufficient customer service, or not being able to address customer needs. Our agents are trained, hired, and managed as if they were a part of your company. Located in the United States, Mexico, and India, you can expect global business continuity from the best representatives in the world.

For call centers, DATAMARK means quality.

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Why DATAMARK for Insurance Call Centers

A Trusted Partner

DATAMARK currently works with one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, and we will continue to work with insurance companies to provide the best solutions to their contact center needs.

Business Continuity

Our business centers are located worldwide and allow customers to reach out for help despite language and time barriers -- providing your company with a larger customer service base.

Cost Savings

When insurance contact centers save money, their customers benefit. Our streamlined insurance contact center solutions allow you to save money on overhead and give back to the people you serve.

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