Business process outsourcing has gone from being thought of as a cutting-edge experiment to a critical strategic growth strategy for every size organization. What was once a convenience management hoped would work has now transitioned to a necessary component so organizations can scale with speed and agility. The insurance industry is a prime example of a vertical that requires specialization as well as speed for corporations that have been slow to embrace change. As many corporations look to merge in order to become more competitive, many of those competitive advantages can come from business process outsourcing.

For example, instead of a insurance company continuing to manage two separate billing departments, as two organizations come together, this is the perfect time to synchronize platforms, applications, processes, and resources to leverage the outcome to provide targeted cost savings. Many organizations would rely on separate legacy systems or try and build out their own infrastructure to merge the two departments from the different organizations. BPO removes the usual pain and time to market these changes invariably consume in order to get back to doing business more efficiently. If possible, implementing a billing process with a platform, software, processes, and resources specific to the needs of the larger insurance corporation ultimately provides a higher customer retention factor as well as greater profitability.

DATAMARK Helps To Create Enterprise Digital Mailroom Services for the Insurance Industry

Outsourcing digital mailroom solutions is an economical way to relatively quickly, efficiently, and securely sort, scan, image, and data capture large quantities of paper documents. DATAMARK has the capabilities to deploy an on-site mailroom or manage an off-site facility to meet your needs today and scale as your capacity grows. This allows you to leverage the large software, infrastructure, and technology investments DATAMARK has already tested and proven in the insurance marketplace. DATAMARK can also deploy and reallocate resources to reduce the risk of human error, which can become costly and time consuming. All of this can be monitored using our real-time auditing tools over our secure web portal anywhere you have an internet connection.

During any major transition, the entire business improvement plan needs to be implemented as smoothly as possible in order to keep customer satisfaction high and maintain customer retention. DATAMARK has over 20 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies implementing enterprise wide solutions for the back office. DATAMARK is the world-wide leader in business process outsourcing solutions for insurance companies all over the globe.

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