With regulations and laws always changing in the fields of accounting and finance, staying on top of current practices can be a challenge for healthcare organizations everywhere. Outsourcing healthcare finance and accounting services to a highly-competent, proven company like DATAMARK can help you address inefficiencies in your current operations. Focus on the most important tasks at hand in bettering the quality of life for your patients with the right outsourcing company.

Outsourcing Healthcare Finance & Accounting Services Frees Up Medical Staffs’ Time

Handling thousands of medical billing and payment collections regularly for hospitals and doctors’ offices can take up a tremendous amount of time for healthcare administration teams. Outsourcing these day to day tasks, along with many other financial responsibilities, can make a remarkable difference in the ways in which your employees are able to allocate their time and address other issues in your healthcare operations.

At DATAMARK, we offer a wide array of helpful services, including:

  • Accounts Payable Services, such as:
    • Purchase order management
    • Invoice receipt and imaging
    • Invoice 3-way match reconciliation
    • Exception handling
    • Employee travel and expense processing
  • Accounts Receivable Services, such as:
    • Order management and invoicing
    • Remittance processing
    • Cash application and posting
    • Customer collection management
    • Refunds and settlements

With so many services that can be effectively outsourced, your workers can focus on other important tasks at hand rather than dealing with complex accounting and bookkeeping functions. Your employees’ best work will come when they have fewer projects to juggle on their plates day in and day out.

Work with an Experienced Healthcare Financial Outsourcing Team Who Can Help You Maximize Your Financial Resources

Paperwork bottlenecks, unrecognized mistakes, and unorganized approaches utilizing outdated techniques all can add up to make a substantial impact on your bottom line over time. Optimizing your financial processes by outsourcing healthcare accounting & finance services with a proven professional team can make a notable difference in how your financial resources are allocated. Experienced leaders who understand the common mistakes organizations make and consistently stay on top of industry best practices can change the way your accounts receivable and accounts payable departments are run and help you make the most out of your budget.

Resolve Inefficiencies in Your Financial Operations and Increase Productivity

Outsourcing healthcare accounting & finance services allows your medical staff to better allocate their time and focus on working in the areas in which they are most productive. Leaving financial work to a healthcare financial outsourcing company allows you to reap the benefits of a more specialized and more productive labor force. Medical administrators can now better focus on the guiding, core purposes of your healthcare organization by outsourcing healthcare accounting & finance services. Healthcare Financial Outsourcing allows your local hospital or doctor’s office to take advantage of the economies of scale and discover remarkable, insightful expertise.

Outsourcing Healthcare Finance & Accounting Services to a Top-Quality Team

Financial and accounting regulations are changing every day, so when looking to outsource your healthcare accounting & finance processes, it’s critical you choose to partner with a highly-trustworthy, dedicated company. At DATAMARK, we have been business process outsourcing (BPO) leaders for over 28 years. We are committed to innovative total quality management approaches and implementing practical ways in which companies can streamline workflows while minimizing mistakes. We are constantly keeping up with industry best practices and offer competitive outsourcing services, including:

With 24/7 outsourcing options and secure, reliable solutions, outsourcing your healthcare accounting & finance services to DATAMARK is sure to be well worth the investment. With better strategic approaches for handling your daily healthcare operations, your institution will be positioned to grow and meet higher numbers of patients year after year. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 800.477.1944 or utilize our contact form to see how we can make a difference in your hospital or office today.

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Why DATAMARK for Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Finance & Accounting Services

Trusted Partners

We stand behind all of our actions, and this includes the partners we work with. All our technology partners are best-in-class partners like Cisco, Kodak, and OpenText, meaning that our technology is the most secure and highly regarded in the business.

Worldwide Locations

DATAMARK understands that many healthcare companies service people outside of the United States. Our global facilities make it easy to address differences in time zones, document languages, and holidays while maintaining efficient financial services.

Improved Scalability

Leveraging DATAMARK services allows you to prepare for and sustain growth without having to significantly increase your headcount and expenses related to additional volume. Taking advantage of economies of scale, DATAMARK is able to offer overall discounts for larger volume tiers while still offering robust, comprehensive solutions.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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