Modern hospitals and doctors’ offices today process, store, and utilize remarkable amounts of documents and data on a constant basis. On-site management of healthcare document storage & retrieval from a company like DATAMARK can help healthcare organizations handle the growing volumes of documents with both hard-copy document management and digital document management services.

How On-site Management of Healthcare Document Storage & Retrieval Can Support Operational Growth

1. Generate Solutions that Address Your Specific Needs

Though the tasks may seem mundane, document storage & retrieval processes are an essential part of your daily healthcare operations. Optimization of such a fundamental organizational task requires a tailored approach where management understands the intricacies of your systems and the end uses of all hard-copy and digital documents. On-site managers, who work in the trenches day in and day out for your healthcare facility, can help you implement ideal updates to your current processes that are sustainable and increase operational efficiency.

2. Develop Employees’ Technical Skills with Experienced Leadership

In a competitive job market, finding highly-skilled employees with immense experience in Total Quality Management and executing Six Sigma best practices can be difficult. These types of employees can be very costly to employ and hard to find in the healthcare sector. Hiring a proven on-site management team for healthcare document storage & retrieval who specializes in this can help you gain access to these highly-sought after professionals and teach your lower-level employees these advantageous technical skills.

3. Increase Worker Productivity

Finding the documents your healthcare professionals need quickly can make all the difference in the ways they allocate their time every day. With thousands of documents, items are bound to be misplaced without completely thorough systems in place. In fact, research has shown that as much as 30% of healthcare staff’s time can be spent searching for misfiled documents every day. Updating your current approaches can make noteworthy improvements in your employees’ productivity and allow them to better focus on enhancing your quality of care for all patients.

4. Enhance Ease of Access

On-site management of healthcare document storage & retrieval ensures that all healthcare employees who have proper clearance can find what they need through convenient means. At DATAMARK, our team of experts can help increase the visibility of documents through innovative tracking systems. For hard-copy document management, your staff can search for files and papers easily with smart barcode recognition systems, and for digital document management, metadata can be used for indexing which increases discoverability in virtual search results.

5. Increase Security Measures

Just because your medical records and documents are easier than ever to find doesn’t mean the wrong personnel could simply have access to them. In fact, on-site management of healthcare document storage & retrieval will make it even more difficult for uncleared employees or visitors to search through your confidential patient information and company data. Our knowledgeable, trustworthy managers at DATAMARK can help you upgrade your current security measures with new levels and layers of security to ensure your sensitive information can only be accessed by the right personnel. All our virtual file solutions utilize highly-secure web archives that can only be searched through on web-enabled devices.

DATAMARK: The Clear Leader in On-site Management of Healthcare Document Storage & Retrieval

For over 28 years, DATAMARK has been paving the way for how healthcare practitioners run their day to day operations in the modern day. We have immense experience supporting a wide array of organizations worldwide, including:

  • Hospitals and doctors’ offices of all sizes
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Government entities
  • Large enterprises
  • Small businesses

Don’t trust just any company to handle caring for your most sensitive hard-copy and digital documents. Choose the proven, reliable, and trusted leaders at DATAMARK. An elite on-site management team for healthcare document storage & retrieval processes can make all the difference in the growth of your organization. Contact us today at 800.477.1944 or use our convenient online contact form to get started transforming your healthcare operations.

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Why DATAMARK for Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Document Storage & Retrieval

HIPAA Compliance

DATAMARK processes healthcare metadata in full accordance with HIPAA compliance.


When you work with DATAMARK on enhancing your document storage and retrieval processes, you'll notice fewer errors, and up to 99.99% accuracy on indexing of metadata.

Full-Text Reference

DATAMARK's storage and retrieval processes allow for healthcare agencies to have full-text reference capabilities to necessary documents as soon as they are indexed.

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