Document scanning & imaging has become a fundamental aspect of operations within the healthcare sector today. Digitizing medical record and patient health information can increase operational efficiency in hospitals and doctors’ offices and support practitioners in providing improved patient care.

How On-site Management of Healthcare Document Scanning & Imaging Can Support Growth

1. Centralize Record Keeping

With large numbers of patients flowing through hospital doors each day, keeping track of medical records and patient health information can be an operation in and of itself. Document scanning and imaging processes take time, but when done most effectively, they increase the ease of searchability of all your documents. With one main, secure data repository, medical staff and administration can access files needed more quickly without the need to go through multiple filing centers.

2. Improve Medical Record Security

In a highly-sensitive industry, improving your data security practices are not only important, but also mandated by law under HIPAA patient safety confidentiality regulations. On-site management of document scanning & imaging can ensure that sensitive information in the form of paperwork isn’t being left around where unauthorized personnel can access them.

3. Increase Collaboration across Departments

With recent advancements in the field of medicine and science, the intertwined connections between different biological systems and organs within the human body are becoming increasingly more and more clear. This intertwined connection means that medical specialists working in different departments throughout your healthcare organization all need to have access to the same records to diagnose patients more accurately and work together to give the best recommendations for patients moving forward.

An insightful on-site management team dedicated to optimizing your healthcare document scanning and imaging processes can help nurses, doctors, physician assistants, and billing administration all work together more effectively to better the quality of patient care.

4. Free Up Important Healthcare Facility Space and Reduce Paper Waste

With rising numbers of patient healthcare facilities and doctors’ offices needing to care for more patients than ever, medical practitioners are looking for ways in which they can better utilize their current facility or office space to care for a larger number of patients. With massive volumes of documents that must be safely accounted for and stored, healthcare organizations can free up much needed facility space by utilizing on-site management of healthcare document scanning and imaging services.

Transforming regular and large format documents to digital files is a smart logistical solution that cuts down on paper waste. As much as 50% to 70% of the average doctor’s office is dedicated to paper storage and hospitals today waste around 17 pounds of paper each day per bed.

5. Increase Accessibility of Documents

With thousands of medical records comes increased difficulty in a medical staff’s abilities to find exactly what they are looking for. Implementing more effective, high volume document scanning and imaging processes with an insightful on-site management team is well worth the investment. With the ability to run full-text searches easily and conveniently, medical staff can find and retrieve any file they need at transformative speeds.

6. Better Employee Productivity

Studies have shown that as much as 30% of administrators’ time in the office is spent looking for misplaced or misfiled documents. Reduce case-handling times and increase efficiency in the way you manage your medical records with strategic on-site management of healthcare document scanning and imaging. With this freed up time, your medical staff can better focus on the most important tasks at hand which is to improve the quality of life for your patients.

Increase Operational Efficiency with On-site Management of Healthcare Document Scanning & Imaging

With more stringent medical regulations facing the healthcare sector today than ever before, partnering with the right team for on-site management of healthcare document scanning and imaging is absolutely crucial. Advancements in digital record keeping continue to evolve every day, and DATAMARK is committed to staying on top of these industry best practices. For over 28 years, we have been international leaders in the field of on-site management of healthcare document scanning & imaging. Healthcare organizations everywhere have been transformed by our effective high volume and large format document scanning services. Our highly-seasoned, expert management team has the tools and solutions you need to innovate your organizational processes. To learn more about how we can help support your day to day operations, call us today at 800.477.1944 or fill out our contact form.

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Especially for healthcare customers, having a consistent brand image is important. DATAMARK provides seamless teamwork, making sure that our services will maintain and uphold your brand.

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