DATAMARK helps healthcare providers digitally archive and access the documents they need in order to serve their patients in a timely manner

Healthcare sectors process high volumes of incoming documents. These documents are unique to this industry -- they contain sensitive information that needs to be handled with the utmost security as well as information that is important to the continued proper treatment of patients. Legacy scanning and imaging technology might have been able to handle the sheer amount of information that came in the past, but updates in technology have made it clear that there are better, more efficient ways of handling the data that comes in from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured forms, as well as through documented phone calls and emails.

Effective Document Scanning & Imaging Benefits For Healthcare Patients & Service Providers

DATAMARK has solutions for the millions of healthcare patients and their service providers nationwide. From our business process engineering solutions to the way that data is captured, we ensure that the metadata that comes in for your company is handled with the highest compliance. Additionally, our processing solutions make it easy for healthcare providers to access critical information that helps you help your customers more effectively.

From the moment your documents arrive in our centers to the moment they need to be securely disposed of, DATAMARK is here to help the healthcare industry to provide more for the patients it serves.

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Why DATAMARK for Healthcare Document Scanning and Imaging

Trustworthy Technology Partners

DATAMARK collaborates with the biggest names in technology to protect your data and provide you with the most advanced document scanning and imaging services on the market today.

Experience You Can Count On

DATAMARK has over 30 years in the BPO industry, and consistently finds ways to update the services it provides to its clients.

Preserving Your Brand

Especially for healthcare customers, having a consistent brand image is important. DATAMARK provides seamless teamwork, making sure that our services will maintain and uphold your brand.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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DATAMARK Celebrating 30 Years of Exceptional Service