Document processing is an essential daily task for healthcare organizations everywhere. The problem is that handling high-volumes of documents can be a substantial time burden on all workers. Outsourcing healthcare document processing can optimize your current workflows, support your operational growth, and allow your staff to better focus on improving your quality of care for all patients.

Why You Should be Outsourcing Healthcare Document Processing

Outsourcing basic operational tasks to a team of experienced professionals who have an extensive knowledge about best practices within the field of operations management allows your healthcare organization to increase efficiency in your document processing. With increased efficiency comes a better utilization of your current budget and noteworthy financial savings. By outsourcing healthcare document processing, your organization can utilize these extra financial resources to employ more doctors, nurses, and physician assistants to better care for increasing numbers of patients. In addition, outsourcing frees up your medical staff’s time to focus more on the core functions of your organization, rather than figuring out if all the thousands of documents have been processed correctly.

Medical Practices Trust DATAMARK for Outsourcing Healthcare Document Processing

DATAMARK is a clear leader in the field of operations management and the handling of document processing. With over 28 years of experience, we have the insights and advanced technical skills you need to support your organizational growth well into the future. At DATAMARK, we utilize only the most cutting-edge document processing technologies, and can further support your organization with:

  • Six Sigma-Optimized Workflows
  • Access to a Global Labor Force Committed to Meeting Your Needs 24/7
  • Highly Secure Data Storage

Fortune 500 companies, governments, and healthcare organizations everywhere trust DATAMARK to handle all their needs when it comes to healthcare document processing outsourcing. In 2016 alone, we supported companies in processing over 250 million documents and 40 million mail items.

Top Quality Services for the Outsourcing of Healthcare Document Processing

No matter the type of document, DATAMARK can help you with processing. In addition to many other services we offer, we support the handling of:

  • Healthcare Claim Forms
  • Change of Address Forms
  • Remittances
  • Expense Reports Rebates
  • Bills of Lading and other Freight, Transportation and Logistics Forms
  • Permit Applications
  • Credit Card Applications
  • Employee Travel

Customized Solutions for Outsourcing Healthcare Document Processing

A one-size-fits-all strategy simply does not work in the complex field of healthcare. With many federal laws and regulations, the processing of your documents requires highly-secure systems and specific approaches. At DATAMARK, our team can utilize many types of processing solutions in various combinations. A few of these techniques include:

  • Structured Form Document Processing
  • Semi-Structured Document Processing
  • Invoice Document Processing
  • Document & Form Types of Document Processing

We can handle a diverse array of formats and can implement cost effective, advanced software solutions with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and automated technological systems. These innovative technologies can be used to capture, classify, approve, and validate all types of information being collected from both hard-copy and digital documents.

Safe and Secure Outsourcing of Healthcare Document Processing

For the healthcare sector, security and patient confidentiality is of the utmost importance. At DATAMARK, we can support your operational growth with only the most secure, reliable outsourcing solutions. We utilize only the best practices in the industry relating to data security and document processing. Our team is committed to implementing only the highest quality security measures and systems to ensure the integrity of all your sensitive documents.

Outsourcing Healthcare Document Processing Supports Long-Term Growth

As individuals live longer and increasing numbers of patients need quality healthcare, medical practitioners have to be able to grow and adapt to meet this growing demand well into the future. Outsourcing operational processes can help you achieve this noble endeavor. With on-site, onshore, and offshore processing services available, you can find the exact solution that is right for you by partnering with DATAMARK. To take advantage of all the benefits of outsourcing healthcare document processing, call DATAMARK today at 800.477.1944 or fill out our contact form.

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Why DATAMARK for Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Document Processing

HIPAA Compliance

DATAMARK ensures that even with the vast amount of paperwork that health companies process, your patients, and their paperwork are safe with us.


When DATAMARK aids in your company's document processing, you'll notice fewer errors, and up to 99.99% accuracy on indexing of metadata.

Manual or Automated Process Options

Diverse paperwork means the need for diverse solutions. DATAMARK has options for both hard-copy forms and unstructured documents, addressing the variety of paperwork that companies entrust to us.

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