When you stop and think about it, the amount of data healthcare organizations need to accurately record and keep track of day in and day out is astonishing. With the rise of big data in the healthcare industry today, those numbers will only continue to grow exponentially. Outsourcing healthcare data capture processes to the right company can help your healthcare organization meet the rising demands of patients well into the future.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Healthcare Data Capture Processes:

1. Noteworthy Financial Savings

Outsourcing healthcare data capturing processes to a reputable, proven company can substantially free up your organization’s financial resources currently tied into day to day operations and procedures. Leveraging the power of a knowledgeable team, specifically trained in data capture best practices, can allow your organization to address current system bottlenecks and better allocate your financial resources to other areas in your healthcare facility that save lives and better the well-being of your patients.

2. Increased Productivity and Operational Efficiency

Tedious administrative processes can be draining on employees working in the healthcare sector. With so many other life-saving tasks that need to be addressed, maintaining thousands of medical records is one of the last things healthcare workers want to focus on. Expensive, frustrating, and repetitious, data capturing processes can divert your employees’ attention from the most important aspects of their jobs that improve the quality of patients’ lives and well-being. Fortunately, these time-consuming tasks in many ways can be effectively eliminated by outsourcing healthcare data capture processes.

3. Reduced Labor Costs

One of the most known advantages in outsourcing is the reduced labor costs that come along with it. Accurately recording data is a very time intensive process for highly-skilled workers who could make more of an impact in your healthcare facility doing that which they are most knowledgeable and trained in. No longer will you need to hire workers to fill out every aspect of a medical record and not having to take the time to train them will help you save on your labor costs; plus, you can then allocate those salaries instead to the employment of additional nurses, physician assistants, and medical doctors to better meet the needs of your patients.

4. Enhanced Data Entry Accuracy

The decisions your medical practitioners make rely upon the integrity and accuracy of the data being presented to them. With thousands of data sets needing to be recorded daily, it can be easy for a tired employee to make critical mistakes over the course of the day. Outsourcing healthcare data capture processes to an attentive, detail oriented company dedicated to industry best practices specifically in the field of data capture services can help minimize the likelihood of errors occurring. At DATAMARK, our hyper-focused Quality Assurance programs that our workers implement guarantee 99.5% accuracy for single entry work alone!

High-Quality Data Capture Outsourcing Services for Healthcare Facilities

When looking to outsource your sensitive data capture processes, it is vital that you choose to partner with an experienced, knowledgeable, professional company who understands the nuances and challenges facing the healthcare industry today. With a proven track record in the field since 1989, DATAMARK has the expertise and insights you need to implement an effective outsourcing strategy. Medical staff, patients, and administration will all benefit from our innovative, focused approach utilizing Six Sigma best practices, among many other things.

Manual Data Entry and Automated Data Capture Services that Increase Efficiency

At DATAMARK, we know that healthcare facilities everywhere need a tailored approach that addresses their individual requirements and specific industry laws for the recording of sensitive data information. We offer an array of manual data entry and automated data capturing services that can be customized to fit your existing workflows and processes. Our automated solutions can increase operational efficiency and accurately capture data through the implementation of multiple character recognition methods, including:

  • Bar Code Recognition
  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  • Intelligent Character Recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Optical Mark Recognition

Then, for all your manual data entry needs, your healthcare organization will only be partnering with the most experienced, trained data entry workers at DATAMARK who will adjust their approaches and techniques to meet your specific data requirements.

Secure Data Capture Outsourcing Services for Healthcare Organizations

In the healthcare industry, the capturing of data in a safe and secure way is of the utmost important in this highly-sensitive and regulated field. At DATAMARK, we can offer your healthcare facility with increased security surrounding your current data capture systems to help ensure that sensitive patient information does not become jeopardized at any point. With onshore, nearshore, and off-shore outsourcing options that can be utilized at all times, both day and night, the advantages in partnering with DATAMARK are clear. To increase the accuracy and ensure the integrity of your data capture processes, reach out to us today at 800.477.1944 or fill out our contact form.

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Why DATAMARK for Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Data Capture

Manual or Automated Data Capture

Allowing your company extra flexibility, DATAMARK offers both manual and automated data capture processes for the healthcare industry, addressing the prevalence of unstructured and semi-structured forms from multiple vendors.

HIPAA Compliance

DATAMARK understands the needs of patients in the healthcare sector, and strives to keep their sensitive information safe and secure. That is why we follow HIPAA compliance, maintaining the integrity of your business and of ours.

Serving the Healthcare Industry since 1989

DATAMARK has offered Business Process Servicing since 1989, and has provided comprehensive, trustworthy data capture that businesses can count on ever since.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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