Big data is revolutionizing the future of the healthcare industry today. The way in which doctors, physician assistants, and nurses are treating their patients is changing, and there is an increasing awareness of the need to take a more tailored approach to each patient. Adapting a more patient-specific approach relies upon the accuracy of the data you are collecting. With an astonishing number of data points being recorded every day in the healthcare field, innovating your current data capture processes can bring about remarkable change to your organization. With top-quality on-site management of healthcare data capture processes, organizations can focus on the most important, life-saving tasks at hand.

On-site Management of Healthcare Data Capture Processes Comes with Many Advantages

1. Enhanced Data Entry Accuracy

The decisions your healthcare practitioners rely upon are contingent on the retrieval of accurate data. Medical prognoses and recommendations for future courses of action mandate that the data being recorded and received is as accurate as possible. The integrity of your data starts at the very beginning of the data entry process. With on-site management of healthcare data capture processes, the accuracy of your data can be improved to 99.5% for single entry work when working with a reputable company like DATAMARK! Meticulous, detail-oriented on-site managers can support you in accomplishing this noteworthy achievement through smart strategies that utilize Six Sigma approaches and intensive Quality Assurance programs.

2. Save Time and Eliminate the Need for Unnecessary Data Entry

Modern automation technologies everywhere are transforming industries – especially in the field of healthcare. With hospitals and other healthcare organizations facing rising numbers of patients to care for year after year, cutting down on workers’ time spent on operational processes can make a substantial difference. With millions of data points that need to be recorded annually, even the smallest of changes can bring about remarkable innovation to your healthcare processes – let alone major modifications. On-site management professionals can enhance your current healthcare data capture processes with smart Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that save you time and minimize the need for unnecessary data entry.

3. Lower Healthcare Operation Costs

On-site management of healthcare data capture processes can help your healthcare organization to save money on your operational costs and utilize those financial resources in other key areas of your practice. Knowledgeable managers can help you implement automated solutions with automatic classifications of unstructured and semi-structured data with intelligent metadata capture systems. These solutions can reduce the time your employees spend recording data, and also allow for easier analysis for ANSI, XML, and CSV formatting of the data.

4. Increase Healthcare Workers’ Productivity

Inefficient practices and procedures surrounding the capture of data can be crippling to healthcare organizations. Accurately recording data is an incredibly tedious task for your workers and can leave them feeling drained with this repetitious process day in and day out. With the guidance of a proven on-site management team for healthcare data capture processes, much of this time your employees spend painstakingly recording data can be reduced with smart, efficient software solutions. With extra time in their schedules, your healthcare workers can focus on the most important tasks at hand which includes improving the health and well-being of all your patients.

Empower Your Medical Professionals to Make Better Decisions with More Accurate Data

On-site management of healthcare data capture processes can make all the difference for healthcare organizations of any size. For over 28 years, DATAMARK has been leading the way in providing our healthcare clients with more efficient and accurate data capture solutions. Our highly-skilled and experienced management team is trained in industry best practices that utilize innovative approaches that can be tailored for your healthcare organization’s individual needs. On-site managers can implement changes that will fit in seamlessly with your current operations.

Innovate Your Workflow Systems with On-site Management of Healthcare Data Capture

Committed to revolutionizing your day to day operations, DATAMARK has earned a reputation in the industry for bringing about sustainable, long-term change for healthcare organizations everywhere. With our effective on-site management of healthcare data capture processes, your healthcare organization can grow to meet the needs of new patients and better the health of our society. To learn more about how we can help support your specific healthcare operations, contact us today at 800.477.1944 or fill out our contact form.

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Why DATAMARK for Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Data Capture

Manual or Automated Data Capture

Allowing your company extra flexibility, DATAMARK offers both manual and automated data capture processes for the healthcare industry, addressing the prevalence of unstructured and semi-structured forms from multiple vendors.

HIPAA Compliance

DATAMARK understands the needs of patients in the healthcare sector, and strives to keep their sensitive information safe and secure. That is why we follow HIPAA compliance, maintaining the integrity of your business and of ours.

Serving the Healthcare Industry since 1989

DATAMARK has offered Business Process Servicing since 1989, and has provided comprehensive, trustworthy data capture that businesses can count on ever since.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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