Many healthcare providers are very good at managing patient care. Administrators, physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff are all experts in providing the best health services for their patients. They are in the business of taking care of their patients. As health care providers offices and networks begin to grow, a call center becomes a strategic advantage to promoting that growth. Healthcare call center outsourcing is a growing need for healthcare providers of all sizes. A call center outsourcing company can be the expert and leader by providing the same outstanding service the healthcare company's patients have come to expect.

A healthcare company sees people as patients to care for. A healthcare call center outsourcing company sees people as customers who have lots of choices. This is why repeat business is the leading indicator of a healthy business. And it all begins the moment a receptionist or representative picks up the phone.

Here are five reasons why healthcare outsourcing companies play a critical role in the success of a healthcare business.

Scale Teams And Technology As Patient Needs Grow

As a healthcare business expands, the needs for an outsourced call center will change. DATAMARK has the experience managing its teams to change roles that fit in with the latest objectives of the healthcare organization

Deliver Real-Time Analytics And Reporting

DATAMARK has invested in the latest technology and resources to build out an automated back office solution. We are able to capture data and update your CRM, ERP, and BI tools in real-time to give you the most accurate data.

Hire Professional, Experienced, and Customer Friendly Team Members

Hiring for healthcare professionals is different from hiring for call centers. DATAMARK has over 20 years of experience hiring and training resources that deliver the highest levels of customer service. We can manage a staff on-shore or at one of our secure off-shore facilities. No matter the specifics, we provide resources that deliver results.

Create and Close Additional Up-Sell Opportunities

One of the ways to increase return visits to patients is by offering additional value to your patients. This does not mean high-pressure sales. Simply offer a product or service that fits in with the values of your healthcare organization. Patients will rate their customer service experience higher because they feel their provider better understands their needs.

Maintain Appropriate Legal, Regulatory, and Industry Standards

DATAMARK has a deep understanding of the regulations and the laws that govern patient information and the way it must be stored. Whether patient information is stored on your servers or in our Document Management Solution, our attention to Security and Privacy meet or exceed all U.S. laws and regulations.

DATAMARK has been the leader in healthcare outsourced call centers for more than two decades. Learn more about how we work with healthcare providers of all sizes to eliminate the pain of managing a customer service center while benefiting from all of our tried and true processes and technology. Call us today at 800.477.1944 and speak with a healthcare call center outsourcing expert or fill out the call form below.

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Why DATAMARK for Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Call Centers


One of the biggest worries that customers have is whether their health information can be compromised. With DATAMARK, we ensure that all health information routed through our call centers is handled with complete care to ensure we abide by all client requirements for compliance and/or certification of 3rd-party regulations including, but not limited to, PCI and HIPAA.

Trusted Technology Partners

DATAMARK makes sure that your information is secure by using the highest quality technology partners for call center infrastructure, including Cisco, Sigma, and Spectrum.

Cost savings for Healthcare Programs

Running an efficient business means savings for patients and healthcare companies alike. DATAMARK maintains lean and efficient processes with a focus on continuous improvement to better serve patients and partners alike.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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