One point that everyone can agree on is that the entire healthcare industry needs a new approach. What many progressive organizations are doing is approaching the business from the perspective of the customer. Healthcare call center consulting is a top down approach that keeps the customer's need top of mind. When talking about healthcare, these organizations are seldom referred to as businesses and patients are never referred to as customers. If healthcare companies took a more business forward approach and saw their patients as customers with choices, administrators and healthcare providers may take a different approach.

A healthcare call center can be reengineered to fill an entirely different need for healthcare providers and administrators. DATAMARK has more than 20 years of experience consulting with healthcare organizations and their call centers. Here is the approach we use to begin to understand how we can help a healthcare call center better serve its patients unique needs.

Comprehensive Current State

Documenting what your call center does today and its core competencies is critically important. Taking a look at how legacy systems are being used, and how they can be improved helps to get a good sense of a healthcare facilities current situation, good or bad. Gathering the key stakeholders and collecting everyone's point of view helps to ensure everyone is aware of the changes that will need to be made to continue to grow as a healthcare organization.

Detailed Technology Assessments

Understand what technology the call center is using today and how that fits in with the rest of the organization. What information would be of benefit to the rest of the organization? What software would make the most sense to the call center and the rest of the healthcare organization? DATAMARK has already surveyed the technology landscape and can make comparisons and recommendations based on the needs of the organization today and tomorrow.

Analysis of Organization Effectiveness

After the physical redesign of the healthcare call center has been established, the new process can be implemented with training by DATAMARK. We assist your key stakeholders with their new tasks so that the effectiveness of the new process can be measured. Executive level leadership can understand in real-time how the call center is improving against the old model, and also identify areas where the call center team can continue to improve.

DATAMARK has years of consulting experience with healthcare call center consulting. Building on the experience we have in managing our own outsourced call centers, we are able to help healthcare organizations implement a reengineered process that can make a huge impact on an organization's bottom line. We can deliver a detailed analysis of how we can help your specific healthcare organization bring new efficiencies to your call center teams. Transforming call center business units from cost centers to revenue generating centers with a targeted ROI helps to increase profitability across your entire organization.

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Why DATAMARK for Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Call Centers


One of the biggest worries that customers have is whether their health information can be compromised. With DATAMARK, we ensure that all health information routed through our call centers is handled with complete care to ensure we abide by all client requirements for compliance and/or certification of 3rd-party regulations including, but not limited to, PCI and HIPAA.

Trusted Technology Partners

DATAMARK makes sure that your information is secure by using the highest quality technology partners for call center infrastructure, including Cisco, Sigma, and Spectrum.

Cost savings for Healthcare Programs

Running an efficient business means savings for patients and healthcare companies alike. DATAMARK maintains lean and efficient processes with a focus on continuous improvement to better serve patients and partners alike.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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