Our healthcare call center operations are PCI DSS certified and HIPAA compliant.

Healthcare under the Affordable Care Act has significantly increased the number of insured individuals in the U.S. Healthcare payers, providers, and government exchanges understand the need to deliver value for customers and patients. Outsourcing contact center services to DATAMARK can deliver an optimal and unmatched customer experience while also yielding significant cost savings.

We have U.S-based healthcare contact center facilities, as well as near-shore and off-shore options, with a talented workforce of customer service agents proficient in accent-neutral English and Spanish. Our agents are trained to handle sensitive information and have the necessary soft skills for helping insurance customers and patients navigate the complex healthcare system. Our healthcare contact center operations are PCI DSS certified and HIPAA compliant.

The benefits of using healthcare call center services

The primary benefit of our healthcare center services is that we help healthcare facilities and companies save money. This is because, through outsourcing their call center needs, they do not have to invest in costly equipment, staff members, software, or space for an in-house call center. 

Another benefit of our world-class healthcare call center services is that of time-saving. When the healthcare facilities do not need to attend to clients or patients themselves, they can dedicate that time saved to other important aspects of client service or business growth. 

Finally, healthcare facilities will benefit from the specialized knowledge of the DATAMARK team. We train all of our agents in dealing with calls regarding the healthcare industry, in particular. That way, you can be sure that your clients/patients receive the attention and answers for which they are looking.

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Why DATAMARK for Healthcare Call Centers

HIPAA compliant

One of the biggest worries that customers have is whether their health information can be compromised. With DATAMARK, we ensure that all health information routed through our call centers is handled with complete care to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Trusted Technology Partners

DATAMARK makes sure that your information is secure by using the highest quality technology partners for call center infrastructure, including Cisco, Sigma, and Spectrum.

Cost savings for Healthcare Programs

Running an efficient business means savings for patients and healthcare companies alike. DATAMARK maintains lean and efficient processes with a focus on continuous improvement to better serve patients and partners alike.

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