Managing accounts payable and receivable with DATAMARK’s management services

Government industries have better things to do than focus on the financial aspects of their jobs. Accounts payable and accounts receivable can involve a large amount of paperwork, on top of the other various financial documents that underlie government agencies. Mismanagement of these documents can be critical when it comes to proper industry management, but for governmental agencies, mismanagement can cause serious impacts on the citizens they serve. DATAMARK understands the facets of governmental agencies and how financial management can impact agencies as a whole.

DATAMARK works as more than just a financial and accounting technology implementor and organizer. Using lean, Six Sigma processes we cut out unnecessary steps in financial and accounting processes and implement new organizational methods into your workforce. Management of purchases, invoices, and company expense are all made possible through our advanced technology and our handling methods. Additionally, we are open to consulting with business engineers about branches of your organization that might financially benefit from automation and other controlled organizational processes.

DATAMARK is confident in our services -- both in creating a more efficient government workplace and in its ability to better serve everyday citizens.

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Why DATAMARK for Government Finance and Accounting

Increased Accuracy

DATAMARK's automated processes reduce the persistence of human error and improve accuracy in your financial and accounting documentation to almost 100%.

Improved Invoice Retrieval

One of the benefits of outsourcing your financial documents is that it each report is safely and securely filed in one of our digital storage units for better organization. The advantage to your company is that invoices and other necessary documents may be easily retrieved for future reference.

Improvement of Financial Forecasting

DATAMARK works with incoming data from financial documents to help our clients understand the many reasons for financial trends within their company or enterprise.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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