Many government agencies generate a tremendous amount of paper each day. While most agencies have an initiative to convert paper documents to electronic documents, these same organizations may still rely on a paper process. Because of this they are still utilizing paper every day and turning those same documents into electronic versions. Outsourcing a fast and efficient document storage & retrieval solution is more important than ever for government agencies looking to gain efficiencies within their organization while still maintaining strict compliance requirements. DATAMARK has years of experience outsourcing processes and services to government agencies of all types and sizes. We understand the regulations that surround sensitive documents and how to manage the regulations around handling such documents. Here are just a few ways where DATAMARK can provide an outsourcing solution for government agencies as it relates to document storage & retrieval.

Access to The Latest Technology

For many government outsourcing projects, it may not make sense for the agency to actually purchase document storage & retrieval hardware. Having DATAMARK as an outsourcing partner brings the latest technology to government agencies with a relatively low capital investment. Having access to the latest hardware is great, but where the biggest advantages and efficiencies can take place is with electronic data capture software. As paper documents are scanned, DATAMARK’s software can make improvements in imaging quality, crop, resize, or correct orientation using an automated process. This allows agencies to process more documents at an even faster rate, all with a low incidence of error and lost documents. With an emphasis on automation, there can be various financial and customer service impacts felt on the entire government agency.

Increased Productivity

It is a combination of both advanced technology and advanced electronic content management system processes that make DATAMARK such an invaluable outsourcing partner. With over 20 years of experience consulting with government agencies on document storage & retrieval, we understand how to manage an outsourced process. This allows our resources to be much more efficient, freeing up government resources to focus on more strategic projects. Instead of repeating entry level tasks, government employees are free to work on projects that are commensurate with their education and level of experience.

Increased Space

Like most government agencies, once a document is captured electronically and stored in the electronic content management system, the original paper document also has to be stored. Using DATAMARK as a trusted outsourcing partner, government agencies know that whether a storage facility is located onshore, near shore, or off shore, it will have the same security as a government owned facility. The same government agency regulations are followed no matter where the storage facility may be located in the world. This frees up valuable government owned space for better uses than simply storing mountains of documents. Either way, the security of your physical and electronic data is the highest priority for DATAMARK.

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Why DATAMARK for Government Document Storage & Retrieval

Increased Visibility

Digitally accessible documents allow for quicker response time -- something that is critical in governmental settings.

Improved Security

DATAMARK ensures that sensitive and confidential information is only available to authorized users, limiting the threat of information compromise.

Trustworthy Technology Partners

DATAMARK partners with top technology companies to provide you with the best and most secure technological solutions in the market.

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