Project based On-site Management is becoming an increasingly viable option for document storage & retrieval. Today's automated electronic content management systems primarily depend on a predetermined process. This allows more qualified government resources to focus on more complex and satisfying projects rather than entry level work.

Another approach that has been tried and tested with many government agencies is the hybrid approach to On-site Management. Outsourcing continues to be the number one way private organizations engage with us on a consistent basis. DATAMARK has been a leader in document storage & retrieval outsourcing and On-site Management for government agencies for decades. By bringing valid and verified new processes to this critical service, government resources can perform faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Here are just a few areas where DATAMARK can provide innovative On-site Management consulting for government agencies. Many other types of engagement are possible and here are the most popular.

Digital Mailroom And Electronic Data Capture

This key element in back office automation is typically the first step for government agencies to begin to transform their processes. DATAMARK is the thought leader behind the automated document process. Existing government resources are then trained on the new process working closely with DATAMARK to increase efficiency and productivity. As government resources become faster and more self-sufficient, ownership of training is eventually handed over to the government agency itself. Depending on the agency and the specific business function, additional security technologies may be put in place to follow documents through their complete lifecycle, with the goal of keeping sensitive data as secure as possible.

Electronic Content Management Systems

As documents are electronically captured, they are then stored in an enterprise wide electronic content management system. This allows for the fast and secure permission based document retrieval system to be employed by insourced administrators. As new data is constantly updated to the ECMS, existing government administrators execute the process developed and delivered by DATAMARK. This integrated solution allows government teams to quickly catalog and access important information at a moment’s notice, while simultaneously decreasing errors and potential penalties due to regulatory issues. This reduces short term costs and ultimately saves taxpayer dollars.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Another big win for a government agency is immediate regulatory compliance for document storage & retrieval. Many government agencies may not be short on resources, but do those resources understand the complexities of the new document storage process and its regulatory requirements? DATAMARK can train these insourced team members and keep them up to date on their training and compliance. As new regulations come into practice, DATAMARK can deliver the right information to the government agency at the right time.

See Why DATAMARK Is The Government On-site Management Expert When It Comes To Document Storage & Retrieval

Learn more about our consulting engagements with all types of government agencies all over the world and why On-site Management is a big part of government agency strategy. Connect with an On-site Management consultant today who specializes in working with government agencies. Call us at 800.477.1944 to speak with a live representative or fill out the contact form below.


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Why DATAMARK for Government Document Storage & Retrieval

Increased Visibility

Digitally accessible documents allow for quicker response time -- something that is critical in governmental settings.

Improved Security

DATAMARK ensures that sensitive and confidential information is only available to authorized users, limiting the threat of information compromise.

Trustworthy Technology Partners

DATAMARK partners with top technology companies to provide you with the best and most secure technological solutions in the market.

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