Government agencies tend to produce a tremendous amount of documentation and paperwork. Many entities have initiatives in place to turn paper documents into electronic versions. These regulations are often part of a federal mandate that has many implications. Among them, financial penalties for non-compliance. These electronic content management systems are mandated according to newly adopted regulations and compliance.

Given the volume of the paperwork, any electronic scanning & imaging process must not only be fast, but efficient and accurate as well. DATAMARK has consulted with all types of government agencies and their electronic document storage & retrieval solutions. We have the experience to help agencies develop a process for document storage that will not only exceed expectations but will also comply with all necessary regulations. Here are a few ways where DATAMARK consults with government agencies.

Document Preparation

Even when working with one government agency, documents may be spread across several facilities. Understanding the scope of the project and the volume of documents is one of the first steps. Having a process to begin to organize the various documents and label them can ensure they are properly indexed and recorded. This foundational step will allow the rest of the process to run quickly and efficiently. Applying labels and barcodes is a time-consuming process that reaps rewards during multiple steps in a document's lifecycle.

Scanning and Indexing

The scope of the consulting project will dictate what type of hardware will be used for the engagement. DATAMARK has access to the latest and greatest hardware for document scanning. What has affected the reliability of these consulting projects is the advancements in imaging software. These new platforms can easily correct for many errors incurred in the interest of speed. The ability to resize and reorient documents can now be done with automation. This saves time and resources and therefore increases reliability and reduces errors. In some cases, what once took specialized pieces of hardware can now be accomplished with modern office multi platform printers because of these advancements in software capabilities.

Secure Storage

In the overwhelming majority of cases, once paper documents are scanned and entered into the electronic content management system, these paper documents need to be stored. These paper documents have to be handled with the same security and privacy regulations as the digital versions. DATAMARK consults with government agencies on different solutions for this growing problem. While physical space may be limited at government facilities, DATAMARK can store these sensitive documents for government agencies. Whether they are stored on shore, near shore, or off shore, we follow the same government regulations as government owned storage facilities. This gives government agencies a lot of options. With more options, greater efficiencies can be maximized, ultimately saving agencies significant resources.

Find Out More About How DATAMARK Consults With Government Agencies On Document Storage & Retrieval

Speak with a document storage & retrieval consultant who has experience working with government agencies today. See what hardware, software, and storage solutions we safely and reliably provide to a wide range of government entities. Call us at 800.477.1944 or fill out the contact form below.


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DATAMARK ensures that sensitive and confidential information is only available to authorized users, limiting the threat of information compromise.

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DATAMARK partners with top technology companies to provide you with the best and most secure technological solutions in the market.

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