DATAMARK works with government agencies to revolutionize the way that their important documents are stored and retrieved

The rise in automation within the workforce has called for a reconsideration of successful workforce methods and practices. One of these reconsiderations for any successful business must be in the way that they archive their documents. Hard-copy takes up facility space, requires significant work to retrieve, and poses a security risk if not stored and disposed of properly. Government agencies are especially at risk of having their documents mismanaged, as they have little space, highly-technical documents, and budgets to uphold.

That is where DATAMARK can provide relief. We provide document imaging that allows for the quick and efficient retrieval of document metadata. With this service, metadata becomes immediately searchable and indexed in entirety. Additionally, we provide secure government storage facilities for all hard-copy documents that fit with the compliance needs of your clients and your business. Barcode tracking systems make it easy for DATAMARK to help you locate a file box or document.

When hard-copies are no longer needed, DATAMARK shreds and disposes of the waste in a secure, but environmentally-friendly, way.

DATAMARK helps government agencies take their service to the next level by providing overarching document storage, archiving, and retrieval that works with the policies you already have in place.


  • DATAMARK reduces operating costs by reducing the time that it takes to retrieve documents and automating processes.
  • Especially for government agencies with limited space, DATAMARK’s document storage and retrieval can save significant time and space
  • Security and efficiency are improved using DATAMARK document storage and retrieval technology
  • Documents are easily accessible and visible throughout the government storage process.

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Why DATAMARK for Government Document Storage & Retrieval

Increased Visibility

Digitally accessible documents allow for quicker response time -- something that is critical in governmental settings.

Improved Security

DATAMARK ensures that sensitive and confidential information is only available to authorized users, limiting the threat of information compromise.

Trustworthy Technology Partners

DATAMARK partners with top technology companies to provide you with the best and most secure technological solutions in the market.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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