With hundreds and even thousands of documents flooding into your government agency daily, your departments need a way to manage these documents effortlessly. Document processing outsourcing for governments allows you to be able to better handle high-volume processing quickly and effectively – no matter the type of document. DATAMARK, a leading business process outsourcing company (BPO), has the services you need to optimize workflows and deliver your critical data in a timely, accurate manner.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Document Processing for Governments Include:

  1. Significant Financial Savings
  2. Enhanced Productivity within Your Organization
  3. Increased Efficiency
  4. Decreased Labor Costs
  5. Better Focus on Your Organization Core Functions

The Advantage in Choosing DATAMARK

In order to properly handle all of the documents flowing into your government agency, it’s important that you choose to partner with a company that has heavily invested in their technology to manage these documents effectively. At DATAMARK, not only do we have the latest processing technology, but we all can provide your organization with:

  • Six Sigma-Optimized Workflows
  • Access to Global Labor Force Committed to Meeting Your Needs 24/7
  • Highly Secure Data Storage

Clientele everywhere trust DATAMARK for handling all their document processing outsourcing for government services. With experience working in a wide array of industries, we processed over 250 million documents and 40 million mail items in 2016 alone.

Leading Services for Document Processing Outsourcing for Government Agencies

For documents of any kind, DATAMARK has the services you need. Among many other things, we are able to handle:

  • Healthcare Claim Forms
  • Bills of Lading and other Freight, Transportation and Logistics Forms
  • Permit Applications
  • Change of Address Forms
  • Credit Card Applications
  • Remittances
  • Employee Travel
  • Expense Reports Rebates

From the simplest to most complex, we offer customized solutions for:

  • Structured Form Document Processing
  • Semi-Structured Document Processing
  • Invoice Document Processing
  • Document & Form Types of Document Processing

With so many types of documents coming in diverse types of formats, processing these documents can become very time consuming for your organization. Leaving the formatting to the professionals will free up your time and resources to better focus on serving the needs of your citizens and community. With our advanced software solutions for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), automated technologies could be used to capture, classify, approve, and validate all sorts of information coming from both paper and digital formats.

Customized Document Processing Outsourcing Solutions for Government Clients

With on-site, onshore, and offshore processing services, DATAMARK can provide individualized, reliable, safe solutions for document processing outsourcing for your government departments. Our invoice document processing will address major headaches within your organization and even:

  • Eliminate late fees
  • Capture early payment discounts
  • Integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning systems

Meanwhile, our semi-structured and structured document processing will save you time automatically extracting required data, while lowering costs and increasing data-capture accuracy.

Innovate Your Government Operational Processes Today

While your government is highly skilled at running your core organizational functions, odds are you are not a leading expert in document processing. Outsourcing document processing for government agencies will allow you to leverage the insights of leaders within this area to save you valuable time and money, as well as decrease errors, complaints, and processing mistakes. Partnering with a trusted document processing outsourcing company will help your organization to reach higher and better achieve your long term goals and objectives. The benefits of working with DATAMARK for document processing outsourcing for government services are clear. Reach out to us now at 800.477.1944 or fill out our contact form to see which customized solutions are right for you! Begin to innovate your operational processes starting today!

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Why DATAMARK for Government Document Processing

Nearly Thirty Years in the Industry

Experienced in working with Fortune 500 industries, large companies, and government agencies.

Improved Financial & Customer Compliance

Government documents are unique in that they process a lot of confidential information. Our commitment to security and adherence to policy enhance compliance and allow you to serve citizens better.

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