Processing government data quickly and efficiently

Government agencies tend to produce a great wealth of documents, and they produce them in many forms. With this variety of documents coming in at such a high rate, and the priority of the documents being high, there is an essential need for quick, accurate processing of those documents. For government organizations with already crunched budgets and schedules, the mismanagement of these documents can cause significant disruption to daily life. That is where document processing provided by DATAMARK can help.

DATAMARK is an experienced provider in fast and high-volume document processing. Our OCR and other automated recognition services provide accurate organization and delivery of critical data regardless of what type of document it is. DATAMARK upholds a commitment to quality and works seamlessly with your company to provide the most detailed, accurate, and efficient data processing available.

To do this, we utilize high-volume scanners that are equipped to handle oddly-shaped or oversized documents. To supplement our technology, we train our workforce to cut out the unnecessary tasks that slow down your operation.

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Why DATAMARK for Government Document Processing

Nearly Thirty Years in the Industry

Experienced in working with Fortune 500 industries, large companies, and government agencies.

Improved Financial & Customer Compliance

Government documents are unique in that they process a lot of confidential information. Our commitment to security and adherence to policy enhance compliance and allow you to serve citizens better.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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DATAMARK Celebrating 30 Years of Exceptional Service