For many government agencies, the transition from the old paper process to electronic documents has been challenging. DATAMARK is the outsourcing leader government agencies turn to when they need solutions done right the first time. Digital mailrooms have the potential to be responsible for the reliable data capture of thousands of documents a day including new documents that have never been entered into the company database. Making sure that paper documents are electronically captured, entered into the enterprise content management system so they can get to the correct person is a complex process.

There are constant improvements being made every day to digital mailroom processes. And leaps in software technology can make your digital mailroom more efficient than ever before. Here are three ways where DATAMARK leads government organizations with their digital mailroom outsourcing.

Electronic Data Capture

With the advancements in both hardware technology from our trusted partners as well as advancements in electronic data capture software, document scanning is a much simpler if not automated process than in the past. Fewer people can handle more documents with much less incidence for error than ever before. This allows DATAMARK to utilize a LEAN process and operate with fewer resources. What took thousands of hours to accomplish over multiple business units, now takes only a few hours by one outsourced business unit. These are the scale of efficiencies that can make an impact when governments and municipalities contemplate outsourcing their digital mailrooms.

Document Workflows

Once a document is electronically captured, it needs to be entered into a database. These large enterprise content management systems have to follow a specific workflow for important data delivery. This process is most often times written by the government agency. It is up to the consultant to properly implement the workflow for faster speed of service. This way, the proper administrator has visibility of every entry in their database, providing one complete account of the information that pertains to that particular government agency.

Document Management Services

Not all documents can be entered into the document workflow and the content management system. Many documents have to be made ready for the capability of electronic data migration. Until then, manual entry of data may have to be considered. DATAMARK has the capabilities and resources to manually enter information when necessary. Or, we can make your forms electronically ready for automated electronic data capture. It all depends whether a long term approach or a short term fix is best for the given conditions. Whether you need help with tax forms, pension forms, census forms, or any other complex data form, DATAMARK can use its proprietary software to recognize and convert the form quickly and easily.

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Why DATAMARK for Government Digital Mailroom

Sensitive Material Compliant

Privacy is important to DATAMARK, which is why we abide by all client requirements for compliance and/or certification of 3rd-party regulations including, but not limited to, PCI and HIPAA. We ensure that your confidential information stays confidential.

Improved Efficiency

Government organizations take a lot of effort to run smoothly, and each facet of their company impacts their efficiency. DATAMARK historically has improved the productivity of mailroom processes between 20%-50%.

A Holistic Improvement

Because updating mailroom processes means looking at the underlying causes for initial inefficiency, our analyses of digital mailroom processes often mean an overarching change for the company.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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