Many government agencies are making the leap from paper to digital processes. The process of an individual making an appointment at a government office and filling out paperwork while a government employee stands by to photocopy, deliver to the appropriate resources, and then place in a file is time-consuming for everyone involved. The switch to electronic documents can make this entire process much more efficient for all parties involved.

At the same time, many government agencies get thousands of pieces of paper mail every day. This recreates a new mountain of paperwork to be photocopied, delivered to the appropriate resource and then placed in a file.

DATAMARK consults with all types of government agencies to re-engineer their digital mailroom processes. We utilize our 20 years of consulting experience to develop a new process with your agency in mind. We take what has been proven to work in similar situations, the latest innovations in digital mailroom process, and your key stakeholder's most important priorities to re-engineer a process that works. DATAMARK then helps implement the new process with ongoing training.

Here are three ways in which DATAMARK provides digital mailroom consulting for government agencies.

Electronic Document Capture

DATAMARK not only provides the latest technology from our trusted hardware partners, we back that new hardware with advancements in software technology. Our software can easily identify, read, and index scanned documents. The advanced software can reorient, resize, and improve image quality with a higher percentage of success compared to competing technologies. This makes the physical process of loading documents to be scanned much faster and efficient, which reduces the incidents of errors and lost documents.

Enterprise Content Management Systems

The heart of every government agencies database is their enterprise content management system. The regulations and compliance around each CMS are how each agency is evaluated and reimbursed. While each system has a unique function, the agreed upon standard has to be implemented. DATAMARK has the experience transitioning government agencies from their paper process to complying with the regulations that govern the new electronic process. Eliminating points of confusion and driving towards a digital process helps to comply with all necessary regulations and save time and money all at the same time.

Document Storage/Recycling

Once the digital mailroom has scanned each document and the information has been recorded, these documents must then be prepared for storage or recycling. Some agencies must store certain paper documents for a specific duration. Instead of taking up valuable space in government facilities, these documents can be moved to secure on-shore or offshore facilities that follow all US government regulations, or DATAMARK can dispose of the physical mailroom paper documents. Once the document is scanned, entered into the enterprise CMS, it can then be destroyed. Our recycling efforts make both DATAMARK and your government agency environmentally responsible.

Find Out How DATAMARK Innovates with Digital Mailroom Consulting For Government Agencies

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Why DATAMARK for Government Digital Mailroom

Sensitive Material Compliant

Privacy is important to DATAMARK, which is why we abide by all client requirements for compliance and/or certification of 3rd-party regulations including, but not limited to, PCI and HIPAA. We ensure that your confidential information stays confidential.

Improved Efficiency

Government organizations take a lot of effort to run smoothly, and each facet of their company impacts their efficiency. DATAMARK historically has improved the productivity of mailroom processes between 20%-50%.

A Holistic Improvement

Because updating mailroom processes means looking at the underlying causes for initial inefficiency, our analyses of digital mailroom processes often mean an overarching change for the company.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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