The emergence of big data and the collection of copious amounts of information is becoming a defining characteristic of the technological revolution in the 21st century. The sheer volume of data government entities are collecting, processing, and digitizing today is staggering. With that information comes great empowerment for organizations to make better decisions for the future of society. The amount of knowledge that can be obtained from data analysis is remarkable. However, the quality of your analyses is only as good as the accuracy of the data your government agency can collect. Strong on-site management of data capture services for government agencies can help ensure that your data is being collected and recorded accurately.

The Best Benefits of On-site Management of Data Capture Services for Government Agencies

1. Improved Data Entry Accuracy

Your conclusions, forecasts, and analyses as a government entity are only as strong as the quality of data you use. Maintaining the integrity of your data and minimizing the chances of errors or mistakes is critical. Highly meticulous on-site managers like DATAMARK can help your organization learn how to reduce data capturing issues and improve the accuracy of your data. Through intensive Quality Assurance programs, your data accuracy could be improved to 99.5% for single entry work!

2. Reduce the Need for Unnecessary Data Entry

Modern automation technologies can bring about substantial change in how you capture data on a daily basis. Using the right Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions leverages the power of intelligent technologies to classify unstructured and semi-structured data and can even automatically capture metadata. This reduces the need for data entry services and significantly improves turnaround times. Additionally, an Enterprise Content Management system will allow you to analyze your government data through easy-to-use ANSI, XML, and CSV formats.

3. Lower Operating Costs

With the right automation systems in place and more effective data entry strategies, your government will benefit from lower operating costs. Changes in how you capture data can make a substantial difference financially with how much information your organization is collecting on a daily basis. With limited financial budgets and pressure from the public to run as efficiently as possible, your government agency will appreciate being able to use these funds for other important purposes.

4. Increase Your Productivity

Inefficient, outdated practices of capturing data can take up too much of your employees’ time. Accurately recording data can be highly tedious and draining on your workers – particularly if you are not taking advantage of the most current technologies available to reduce or eliminate repetitive tasks. With the guidance of experienced managers, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software implementation and improvements in data entry processes you’ll free up your staff’s time and energy to focus on more important tasks within your government.

Improve Accuracy and Increase Efficiency with DATAMARK’s On-site Management of Data Capture Services for Government Agencies

For over 28 years, DATAMARK has been leading the way when it comes to providing high-quality data capturing services and solutions for governments throughout the world. Our proven approach will better your current workflow systems and innovate your process quality. With each entity we work with, our attentive management team will craft tailored solutions that will fit in with your current organizational structure.

Bring Change within Your Government Processes

With DATAMARK, you know that you are working with a highly-reputable company dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We bring innovation to your government’s day-to-day operations – freeing up your employees’ time and limited financial resources. Reach out to us today at 800.477.1944 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our trusted on-site management of data capture services for government agencies.

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Why DATAMARK for Government Data Capture

Manual or Automated Process Options

Because government entities have a diverse set of needs, DATAMARK offers the option for manual data entry and automation through automated data capture processes to meet the policy requirements of government industries.

Trusted Technology Partners

DATAMARK partners with Cisco, Spectrum, and other advanced technology partners to provide the most secure technology in the industry.

Cost Savings

When budgets matter, DATAMARK makes sure that we save you money through our data capture services.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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