Data processing that helps government agencies serve their citizens

Data collection is important to businesses and government agencies. Not only does it allow for better future access of data, but it also provides insight into where government agencies can improve and where they are prospering. However, collecting that data can be costly if not done right. DATAMARK provides business enterprises and government entities with the tools and plans necessary to capture valid and insightful data. We work with you to decide what data is necessary to be collected, as well as ensuring that the information gathered helps your agency and the citizens it serves.

Our tools, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Bar Code Recognition (BCR), and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), among others, organize and convert files into easily accessible formats for future use. Additionally, DATAMARK believes in transparency. That is why we document our processes and ensure that they are reproducible, as well as ensuring compliance for sensitive data.

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Why DATAMARK for Government Data Capture

Manual or Automated Process Options

Because government entities have a diverse set of needs, DATAMARK offers the option for manual data entry and automation through automated data capture processes to meet the policy requirements of government industries.

Trusted Technology Partners

DATAMARK partners with Cisco, Spectrum, and other advanced technology partners to provide the most secure technology in the industry.

Cost Savings

When budgets matter, DATAMARK makes sure that we save you money through our data capture services.

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For sales inquiries, please use our Online Self-Assessment Tool.

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